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It’s Christmas time, a time of joy and giving. The Smits are a wild and horny family, and the family counts 5 members – a wife, a husband, two sisters and one step-brother. A couple of days before Christmas, the kids opened their mother’s present and find a metal vibrator inside it. The sisters returned it where they find it and acted as if no one knows anything. But, the blonde sister snuck behind a Christmas tree a couple of nights and enjoyed pleasing her pussy with it. Her sister saw her and peeked at her sister was rubbing her pussy with that thing. The teen slut got so horny that she just had to try it herself. This one night, the whole family was watching TV until the little hot teen decided to sneak behind the couch and use the dildo to work her little pussy. She got behind the couch and started working her little pussy very hard. She was in a heaven and can’t remember that she ever felt hornier and more excited that she was then. The girl turns around and sees her step-brother watching her with a hard-on in her pants. She panicked and knew she had to do something if she doesn’t want him to blow up her cover. She invites him over and lets him drill her pussy! Her step-bro stars drilling her pussy while she’s bending over and enjoying that cock more than anything. The little girl got so carried away that she forgot that the whole family is just beside them. Suddenly, her blonde sister turns around and gets into a shock when she saw them fucking. She had a great view and watched as he plowed her ass with his huge dick. She immediately got so horny that she had to join the action. The small girl gets over, spreads her legs and tells her sister to suck her little pussy! The teens are now fucking hard and her sister works her pussy to an orgasm each couple of minutes. The time approached then the blonde one is going to be fucked. Brunette begged her step-bro to fuck her a bit longer before he decides to stick his cock into another girl’s cunt. The naked blonde gets down on the floor and he started fucking her little pussy hard while she was licking her sexy sister’s pussy. Suddenly, her sister was above her head so she started licking her pussy. Her brunette sister’s panties were still on, so she moved them aside and stuck a tongue as deep as she can. Her step-bro kept fucking her while she had one of her palms on her mouth so that their parents wouldn’t hear them fuck. Her sister turns around and the blonde continues giving her the wildest oral. The young naked girls have such perfect bodies and skin that the young man kept pounding them like dirty little whores. It was time for the brunette again. She laid down and he started penetrating her pussy hard while her blonde sister was licking his dick. He fucks their pussies with such a pleasure. The blonde got over her head once again and her sister was licking her pussy while she was squeezing her beautiful tits. The small naked girls are all going throw a very tough situation in which they are not allowed to make a sound. The blonde demanded to be fucked once again so he bent her over and started pounding her with such a devotion. The girls kept licking each other’s pussies until their brother was ready to cum in them. Their parents heard something, so they turn around and see their girls naked with cum dripping out their cunts!



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  1. daliasi | 17 March 2018, 06:03

    sexy Sheebah

  2. Anonymous | 17 March 2018, 03:27

    Man I wonder what it must have been like to play the part of the parents.. like I mean to sit there and act like you don’t hear a three sum happen right behind you like god damn

  3. Anonymous | 15 March 2018, 23:13

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  4. AA | 15 March 2018, 02:03

    The blonde is Angel Smalls

  5. Q | 14 March 2018, 01:55

    Amazing the parents never heard them

  6. What the hell | 14 March 2018, 00:10

    It says those are two sisters. Is this fucking incest??!

  7. Anonymous | 13 March 2018, 18:30

    Kenzie reeves

  8. WhoDatGirl | 13 March 2018, 18:13

    Who dat girl brown hair?

  9. anon | 13 March 2018, 16:28

    blonde is kenzie reeves brunette is angel smalls

  10. Anonymous | 13 March 2018, 15:42

    Its march

  11. Anonymous | 12 March 2018, 18:14

    Who’s the brunette

  12. l want your pussy | 12 March 2018, 10:47

    Girls only 210-702-8624

  13. YO | 12 March 2018, 08:30

    Someone tell me who the blonde is right fucking now

  14. What they said | 12 March 2018, 08:30

    Someone tell me who the blonde is right fucking now

  15. Anon | 11 March 2018, 23:09

    Someone tell me who the blonde girl is right fucking now

  16. Anonymous | 11 March 2018, 23:09

    Someone tell me who the blonde girl is right fucking now

  17. Anonymous | 11 March 2018, 22:10

    Good thing their parents went deaf at a young age.

  18. ;) | 11 March 2018, 17:19

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  19. Balls McLongcock | 11 March 2018, 16:41

    What’s the brunettes name

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  21. HOT | 11 March 2018, 12:48

    Umm it’s March