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My mom’s been acting really weird recently. Every time that dad isn’t home, she just gets really up close and personal with me. It was kind of weird and I really couldn’t figure out why that is. First, I thought that she wanted to build a better relationship with me, and I was kind of right. But I wasn’t right in the way I thought I was, instead, she wanted to build a little more than just our mother-son relationship. Somehow, she figured out that I have a massive cock. And being the slut that she is she just had to get a piece of it. I already know what she’s been up to with other guys, the bitch is insatiable when it comes to dick. The MILF can ride different dicks all day and night and she still won’t be satisfied. Knowing that, it was only a matter of time before she came onto me and I had to deal with her whore ass. Anyway, one day she was sneaking around the living room and I think she was checking out if the information that she got about me was correct. She lifted my shorts to see my dick and she saw exactly what she wanted to see. She was so excited and went to call her friend and ask for advice on what she should do. It’s not like she would’ve changed her mind. Knowing my mom, she would’ve been hungry for my dick either way. So, the horny slut wakes me up when she comes back to the room and I see that she’s up to no good from the start. She is really upfront about it and she immediately pulls out her tits and tells me to fuck her. I have to admit, as weird as it was for me, she has an amazing pair of tits and I kind of really wanted to do things with them. Her boobs were huge but perky at the same time. Her nipples were nice and small and her figure was just perfect. I forced the bitch on her knees and pulled out my cock that she’s been fantasizing about for so long. She is amazed by its size, especially since she’s right next to it and can see it in all its glory now. The horny woman started kissing the head of it, making me even harder and hornier. I couldn’t believe that I was being turned on by my a mature lady, my own stepmom, and honestly, I was kind of grossed out by it, but at the same time, it was really kinky to think about. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she swallowed my dick inside her mouth. The MILF started sucking on it while looking up at me with literally no sense of shame attached. She was bobbing her head up and down like little sluts in porn and I was watching her do it right there on her knees in front of me. She was really good at this, and it’s no wonder since she practices so often with other dudes. She starts deepthroating me and I can’t contain my pleasure at this point and I want more from her. I take off the rest of her clothes and mine as well and we lie down on the couch. We both know this is wrong but we can’t help ourselves and so we start fucking.



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