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I always had a thing for watching my girlfriend being fucked by some other dude. There’s something so dangerous and forbidden in that, and we’ve done it before. Yes, my girlfriend loves dogging and public sex, looking around to see if anyone could see her sucking my dick, almost wishing to be caught. But, today I wasn’t expecting it to happen! My and my GF went to a sex shop so that she could buy some new lingerie and sex toys. By the way, she has the wildest spirit and doesn’t really mind what people around her think of her! She picked some sexy underwear and went into a change booth. She came out almost naked, picked a sex toy that was hanging on the wall, sat on a chair and started touching her pussy! There’s no point in warning her, she’s just going to do it anyway. I recorded her as she was taking her thongs off and started rubbing her pussy really fast while screaming loud! The people in the sex shop were in shock, but this one dude with mustaches kept staring with admiration. He really liked and started to applause as she squirted all over the floor! She loved the fact that she’s being watched and let him fuck her afterwards. The dude walks over and starts to kiss her. My little slut pulled his dick out and started sucking and deep-throating the shit out of it. Man, I wish she gave me a blowjob like this from time to time. The dude started fucking her in her throat in a manner that she could hardly breathe. He turns her petite body around and starts fucking her hard from behind. My girlfriend starts screaming so loud that I got a little bit jealous of this guy! She’s really fucking her right! Her moaning is making me horny too. She wanted his dick inside her throat one more, so she gagged on it for a while. My little slut decides she wants a piece of the action, sits him down and starts to ride his prick like a true little bitch. She was so wet, her pussy was squirting with each thrust his huge dick deep into her cunt, splashes flew everywhere. Some dude in the back started to jerk off while watching them fuck. The mustache dude fingered her pussy hard as she was riding it, and she came for the first time. The guy spreads her legs, fucks her hard and then decides to deepthroat her some more. The man got to his feet, and she felt his cum deep in her mouth. My babe is unbelievably hot and this was great fucking in public.



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