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I have a very special kind of relationship with my step-brother. Since I don’t have a boyfriend, and I occasionally get lonely and bored, I made an arrangement to fuck him sometimes with a condition that he doesn’t tell anyone. This has been going on for some time now, and we both sure like it. I love my body and I’m kind of obsessed with it. I play with it all day long, and I especially love playing with my little tits. Today is Valentine’s day, and my brother knows what happens when I feel lonely! I started to look for him all over the house and found him in the bedroom sleeping! I woke him up and we started to have a lot of fun. We played in the bedroom for a while and then got down to play some more. He lifted my shirt up and licked off some candy he put there. I was horny in a matter of minutes and ready to fuck hard. I wanted his cock deep in my mouth, so I pulled his knickers down and started deep throating the shit out of his huge cock. I pushed it really deep, really hard. I loved how the spit fell all over my cute little tits. After blowing him for a while, I wanted to get fucked like a little slut I am. He laid down on the ground and I started riding him with my sexy round ass. His cock felt amazing as it plowed and penetrated me strong. My pussy was on fire and could ride this dick all day long. I turned around and started bouncing on his cock while screaming so loud in an empty house of our parents! He fucked me just right. He wanted my little pussy and I could tell by how erect and hard his dick was. I know he loves my ass, so I turned my ass facing him to turn him on. I bent over and had him pound my little ass like a bull. I was screaming louder and louder as he cock-inspected my pussy. We were both approaching orgasm really fast. I came once already and couldn’t take it anymore! He decided to finish me, spread my legs, fucked my little pussy and spread his cum all over my face and tits!



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  1. Wolvesruletheworld | 02 March 2018, 15:45

    Sounds like a cackling hyena

  2. I'm 12 | 28 February 2018, 21:31

    This is all old I prefer licking pussys

  3. Dick | 27 February 2018, 00:24

    White dus an dick tastlike

  4. Ian | 27 February 2018, 00:24

    White dus an dick tastlike

  5. Anonymous | 27 February 2018, 00:21

    White dus an dick tastlike

  6. Boner Champ | 26 February 2018, 09:39

    She looks and sounds like she’s trying to portray a kid, howls like a hyena, and is butt ugly.

  7. DUDEGUY | 24 February 2018, 21:13

    Disgusting, and I wonder why she doesn’t have a boyfriend….. STILL UGLY AS FUCK!

  8. I eat pussy | 23 February 2018, 19:02

    She looks ugly asf, and why girls perspective? Weird…

  9. Paulseylv | 23 February 2018, 18:47

    Kenzie R. is so cute, love the end when she holds her feet.

    these other comments are so messed up – have to be from someone that doesn’t like her personally

  10. JB James Brown | 22 February 2018, 19:19

    What the fuck?

  11. Body | 22 February 2018, 18:43

    She’s kinda ugly, but still has a ok body

  12. Anonymous | 22 February 2018, 17:02

    this shit fucking sucked

  13. Anonymous | 22 February 2018, 13:32

    Please can someone put a bag on her face ?

  14. Anonymous | 22 February 2018, 13:32

    Put a bag on her face please

  15. Her name is | 21 February 2018, 21:33

    her name is Kenzie Reeves

  16. Anon | 21 February 2018, 19:42

    If you want to talk, kik me at anonyomous112923. I’m a guy, if you’re horny let me know. If not that’s good with me we can just talk. If you’re bi or les, I can send pics of girls too hmu if you want some fun

  17. Anonymous | 21 February 2018, 18:06

    What the fuck am I watching??

  18. DUDEGUY | 21 February 2018, 16:58


  19. Snapchat | 21 February 2018, 16:26

    Name is kenzie reeves

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    Girls snapchat Mysteryman0104

  21. name | 21 February 2018, 16:25

    Kenzie reeves

  22. Mlopp1234 | 21 February 2018, 13:30

    Name? I would love to fill her fat little pussy up and have some babies with her

  23. Anonymous | 21 February 2018, 13:06

    Piper Perri

  24. wtf | 21 February 2018, 00:59

    she’s too noisy
    is this porn or fucking a crying baby?

  25. Dude | 20 February 2018, 23:52


  26. black dagger | 20 February 2018, 20:14

    she ugly af

  27. Johnboi | 20 February 2018, 17:36

    What is her name