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I have a GF and she is a smoking hot cougar, one that all of the dudes are staring at once she passes by and I am the luckiest dude on the block. She has nice big boobs, a shaved pussy, a desire to fuck like a dragon and right now, she is holding my cock as I am mashing on her boobs. I am telling you as the story goes, that she is a vixen like no other. As I took her clothes off, I laid her out on the bed and started licking and flicking on her clit. She has a pierced one and she likes it when I go down on her like that. Then, as she felt the urge to satisfy me, she reached out, grabbed my cock and she started sucking on me like a real sex Goddess. Stroking on that rigid thing is the thing that got me aroused the most. I managed to record all of this in a POV angle and it is fantastic. The beautiful naked woman deep throated that thing before I entered her and started fucking her missionary style. Her big boobs were right in front of me and I had the picture of the year before me. I went in deep, she likes the hard thrusts. As I was giving it to her she was mashing on her boobs and it looked fantastic. Those melons were magnificent, I had nothing else to say about that. Her pussy was so wet and slippery that I had to feel her from the back. She turned around, showed me her ass and I started fucking her from the rear. It was soft, warm and amazing. I felt the rhythm going on and she felt it too. This is the regular way we fuck, with her moaning and yearning for my cock and me destroying her twat. Those big succulent breasts were dangling and she was cumming on my cock. I felt her pussy clench my rod and it almost made me cum inside of her, but I held out. I wanted to fuck her some more since that cunt was making me mad with lust. It was as if I was fucking her but I wanted to fuck her as I was doing it, it was something crazy. Then, as she rode me reverse cowgirl style, she wanted me to cum inside of her and it was the best nut as of yet. As my first jolt of cum entered her vagina, she began to cum, With each squirt of cum I shot deep in her pussy, her orgasm got stronger and wider and hotter.



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  1. Anonymous | 26 February 2018, 01:50

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    Jessica Jaymes is her name

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    If you want to talk, kik me at anonyomous112923. I’m a guy, if you’re horny let me know. If not that’s good with me we can just talk. If you’re bi or les, I can send pics of girls too

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