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The sluts around her kept saying “give it to her nice” and “you’re such a little whore”, and that got her even hornier. The girls all waited for their turn and one of them told me that she was doing such a great job. They kept taking pictures and she wasn’t even worried that they’re going to leak out. The sexy babe kept riding my dick like a little slut while I was licking the pussy of one of the girls. It was their turn to fuck now but the sexy blonde joined them in this crazy orgy. Two girls joined her and they made a blowjob threesome. Two girls licked my dick from the sides, and she was sucking my glans from the top. These girls really showed her a couple of tricks on how to suck a dick right. The nest dorm slut spread her legs in front of me and I started fucking her while they all cheered and supported me. The girls could see that I was close to an orgasm, so they got to their knees and the girl felt some cum in her mouth for the first time in her life!



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