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There’s nothing better than when your girl pleasantly surprises you. I could tell that she had something planned because of the way she has been snooping around recently. She was hiding something from me and today I got the chance to finally see what that is. I was positively stricken when I found out that she got the most amazing sexy lingerie and that she wanted to give me even more than just that. I’m completely mesmerized by her appearance. The white sexy lingerie, her beautiful curly brown hair, her smooth tanned skin on her slim athletic body, her perky tits, cute little butt, smooth pussy and her beautiful face, they all blew me away. The thong bottom was buried deep in her ass crack, it looked amazing! I was absolutely stunned while my brunette babe was stripping in front of me, taking off her clothes piece by piece. She would tease me in the process, making me even more excited to get to the good parts. I wanted to see more of her so finally, once she took the last piece of clothing off of herself, I got to see her completely naked in front of me. She’s such a beautiful babe, and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for me. She slowly starts making her way over to me as I’m lying on the bed. At this point I am completely naked as well, since I know that something is about to go down. She starts kissing me and then going down on me slowly. The best sunrise surprise ever! The horny babe gave me a kiss down every part of my body all the way down to my dick which was already rock solid because of the amount of teasing that she did. I look down at her and see her playing with my cock which was very pleasing and made me even hornier. I could tell by the look in her eye that she was getting excited as well. She starts licking and playing with the tip of my dick as I lie back down in the bed and enjoy myself. She gradually increases the amount that she puts behind her lips, going a third way down my shaft at first, then half way, and finally taking in the whole thing. I was spreading her mouth open with the girth of my penis as she was speeding up and going harder down on it. I could feel it going down her throat at this point as she started deepthroating me as well. My girlfriend would frequently change the technique of her sucking to please me even more, and boy was I pleased. The little slut had a certain gleam in her eye, a gleam of lust, a gleam of anticipating even more after this. After a while I couldn’t take anymore and I came inside her warm little mouth filling it up with my hot cum. She playfully spat it out on my dick with a little smile on her face. She knew that I was going to pay her back, which I did without a question. I laid her down on the bed and lifted her thighs up so that her knees bended in the air and I proceeded to kiss around her thighs and pussy. She was so horny at this point and I just couldn’t resist licking her dripping wet slit. I go down on her and I start devouring that juicy vagina as I hear her loud moans of pleasure echo through the room. We were both getting hotter and we knew what we had to follow up with. I took her and lied back down on the bed with her on top of me. She was feeling adventurous so I was sure that she’d be willing to give me the time of my life.



My hot girlfriend looks at my hard dick and then slowly aims it towards her pussy before putting it in. With each downward thrust she starts to moan loudly. Her clit is sticking out from between her meaty pussy lips. She rides me like a little cowgirl in the most sensual way and I enjoy every second of it. After that she does the same but in reverse. I had no choice but to put some work in myself. I laid her on her stomach and fucked her hard from behind. I squeezed her buttocks then put my hands on her breasts, her ass and her firm tits excited me even more. I kept going until she said me to cum in her mouth! My girlfriend always pulls it out and strokes it right at the end and I usually come on her tits but now she wanted me fill her mouth! Suddenly, I let loose with a huge shot of cum. Shooting squirt after squirt of hot cum, it was the biggest load I have ever had, into my girlfriend’s wet and warm mouth. She moaned, lapping and swallowing all of my sperm!



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  1. Hhshssh | 28 February 2018, 10:16

    Who is she? Name

  2. Anonymous | 25 February 2018, 12:03

    Her spray tan is sooo bad

  3. Anonymous1029 | 24 February 2018, 13:44

    I honestly can’t stand her dark hair now :/ I think she was better as a blonde imo.

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    who wrote this title is fucked up on spelling

  15. name | 19 February 2018, 23:09

    she was better when she was pale imo

  16. Anonymous | 19 February 2018, 22:08

    Thanks I will remember that she is black haired now

  17. faggit | 19 February 2018, 21:03

    spray tanning looks like it works like a boss

  18. J Dean | 19 February 2018, 18:26

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    Her name is Naomi Woods. She used to be more pale and blonde

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