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If you ever met my stepsister, you would never think that she’s a slut. On the surface she looks really innocent and sweet and I think she uses that for her advantage. I found out that my step sister is cheating on her boyfriend with another dude. Honestly, I am not a kind of guy who would use blackmail lightly, but when it comes to her and her gorgeous sexy body, I just can’t resist. With this much dirt on her I was sure that I could get something really nice out of her. After a while I bring up what I know and she steps back in disbelief. She really does not want me telling this to her boyfriend, so I know that I can get a lot out of her right now. I tell her that the only way that she can ensure that I will not tell her boyfriend what I know, is if she gives me a nice blowjob. I’ve always wanted to see those slutty little lips around my big dick anyway so it did not even seem farfetched for me. She can’t believe what I am asking of her and I think that she is also a little offended and grossed out as well. She keeps going on and on about how I am her brother but I keep telling her that I simply do not care about that at all. I kept pressing the issue knowing that, being the slut that she is, she would eventually break. And when she finally did, I wasn’t surprised at all. The teen slut goes down on her knees and starts unzipping my pants. You can tell that she has a grossed out look on her face while she is doing it. She really didn’t expect that she would be sucking her brother’s dick today. After she’s done unzipping my pants, she pulls down my boxers, revealing my already hard dick. Her face shines for a second and I can tell that she’s mesmerized by its size. I am pretty sure that her boyfriend isn’t giving her enough when it comes to sexual pleasure and that that’s the reason that she cheated on him anyway. You can still see that hint of disgust though as she keeps saying how it is wrong even when my cock is inches away from her mouth. Eventually, my slutty step sister starts sucking on the tip and I immediately knew that she would get into it. She would deny it, but you could tell that she’s enjoying it a lot. She sucks deeper and deeper until her head starts bobbing in a fashion of a proper blowjob and at this point I just feel ecstatic. She keeps sucking really well and eventually I can’t help but blow a load in her whorish mouth. She is completely stunned as she’s forced to swallow it and then after pulling it out of her mouth she asks if I really just came into her mouth. “YOU ASSHOLE! YOU CAME IN MY MOUTH!” She can pretend all she wants but I know that she liked it. After that I saw her the next day on the living room couch and she seemed pretty upset about something. I found out that she got in trouble for using a fake ID to get in a club last night, and that’s just more material for me to work with as far as I’m concerned.



The slut says that she’ll have sex with me if I help her. She undresses herself in front of me and shows off her gorgeous body to me. My anked sister slowly lowers her pussy onto my aching cock and then starts to squeeze her pussy muscles, contracting them around my shaft, as she bounces up and down on my dick. Her pussy is so warm, wet and soft. I can feel her hard clit against my pubic bone. I put my hands on her hips as the sexy naked babe rocks back and forth, the pleasure intensifying while she picks up speed. Her breasts are bouncing up and down as she pleasures herself on my dick. She rides me like a cowgirl and after a while I start fucking her doggy style. I want to cum, I want to cum in my sister’s hot cunt! Unfortunately, we got interrupted that day by our parents coming home, so the next day I went to her room to finish up what we started. She doesn’t need any further instruction, my naked sister spreads her legs and I shove my rod all the way into her tummy. I see pure lust in her eyes when I fuck her hard in missionary, my balls are slapping against her ass, she is smiling at me. The slut likes to be on top during sex so she rides me with her beautiful ass cheeks in my face. I couldn’t believe how much of a slut she really was when she started sucking my cum like crazy into her mouth!



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