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I gave it to her ten times better than I would usually do it since I had a point to make, that I was the alpha male and that I had the bigger cock, not him. He’s a loser, a lame loser. Her asshole was even getting stretched out by my long strokes that at one point it was wide open ready for me to enter it. “I want you to FUCK MY ASS now, and cum inside of me!” she said, looking at her boyfriend! She spread her ass cheeks in front of me and I started slowly putting my dick into her ass, her back arched and her ass up high. “Shit man, she has never let me fuck her ass!” her bf was crying. That’s how you treat a lady! I wanted to fool around with her tits for a few moments and I wanted my dick to get sucked but I knew what my next destination was. After I had my fun, I laid her on the bed and entered that asshole. I jammed it down so hard that even her bf got a boner, it was that hot. I rammed my pecker in and out of that ass with motions that made her cum with her ass and I wanted to make this cumshot special. As I was reaching my orgasm, I started to cum and I couldn’t stop! Her naked body shuddered as my balls splashed their cum up her ass. Hot cum filled her ass so full it was running down across her cunt lips, she was happy!



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