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I have a son who is a sexual addict. I could never let him stay alone in my home since every time I did so he invited hookers over and had an orgy with them. It was Sodom and Gomora in my house, I have neighbors and a real estate that I want to sell, I can’t let the little twerp lower my prices. So, I hired a nanny to keep an eye on him. Maybe it was me who made the mistake of hiring a cute brunette teen, who quite frankly, I’d fuck. Oh well, you live, you learn. Anyway, I set up a cam system so that I see what’s going on at any time. So, I had a helpful little insight into what was going on. My son, of course, instantly seduced the young and impressionable nanny. I had enough of this bullshit. I had to come into the room and brake the crap up. I came in and I sat the both of them down. I told my son to sit by the side and watch. I told the nanny to come in closer. The hot teenage girl did. Then, she dropped to my knees and I whipped my cock out. This is how I was going to teach my son a lesson. The nanny knew what she had to do, she even didn’t hesitate, she grabbed me and started sucking on my cock. Oh man, I understood why my son wanted her. Like father, like son as they say. Well, it was time for daddy to have his fun. The young teen brunette sucked on my dick and she even blew my balls. Man, I loved the way the girl slurped up the cock and the balls. It was so mesmerizing to watch her do her thing. My son was on the sidelines staring at the show. It was one hell of a show. The slut even moaned and screamed with pleasure and I let her have her ways. I wanted to fuck her so bad and she didn’t need any further instruction, she lay back on the bed and spread her legs for me. I pulled her thighs apart and moved in between. She moved her hands down to her pussy and pulled her wet pussy lips apart “punish my pussy with your hard cock!” I pulled her body toward me, pushing the full length of my cock deep into her pussy with one thrust. These young girls are incredibly tight. Her sweet and suckable boobs were bouncing with my every stroke. She wanted me back so bad I could tell by the way she was starring in my eyes. Her choker was a tell that she was a freak and that I could go nasty with her. She is a teen, a millennial, they love the freaky stuff, and they love to experiment. Then, I decided to step it up a bit. I plowed her as hard as I could so that she remembers who the boss is. As I was fucking her like this, the hot teen switched the position and sat on my cock. She straddled me and rode me with her tight pussy. It was slippery, tight, warm and my cock was about to burst from all of the stimulation that I got from her.



The young naked girl impaled on that thing like a whore. I slapped her a bit too so that she gets some excitement besides my cock. It was a stuffing of the century. My dick was so damn hard that I was afraid that if I don’t cum now, some of the veins in my cum gun might burst. That didn’t happen. The nanny started sucking on my dick and my balls again. It felt so good. That release of the tension in my dick and balls felt exquisite. My son was there, hunched back, watching me fuck the living life out of her. The last thing that I wanted to show him was how to treat a lady. My balls were slapping her so hard with every in stroke. I love to destroy young pussies and when I do the girls go wild. After I slapped her ass a few times and spat in her face as she was sucking my cock, I told her to cock back her head a bit and wait for it. She jerked off my dick with her small hands for a few strokes before I unloaded my man soup all over her precious nanny face. A lesson learned and a nanny hired!



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