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It is a tough life when you have a step-mom who is a horny slut who still yearns for more cocks than just one. This time, we have a blonde step-mom with jumbo boobs and a pussy that is insatiable. She is in her step-daughter’s room, trying on herb cheerleader dress. It fits her well and she has yet again managed to capture her youth, even with this silly outfit. As she is looking at herself in the mirror, her step-daughter’s bf comes in and sees her admiring herself. He came in behind her and took her panties off. The step-mom didn’t bother to tell him that she is not who he thinks she is. That cock was too good of a thing to ruin with the truth. The dude went inside of her pussy and started boinking her. Oh, it felt so good to her. He fucked her from the back, doggy style as her big boobs dangled and swung like milk bags. Then, all of a sudden, the blonde small titty teen, his girlfriend walks in and sees him fucking her mom. The bloke got confused but the mom, she didn’t even flinch. She knew what she was doing. She wanted to fuck and she got what she wanted. Also, she was sick and tired picking up after her and now, it was time for a payback. It was time for the young lady to learn to share, and soon the two blonde babes were sharing his cock in a threesome. His cock was there, standing tall and proud. The teen was the first one who got a taste of it. Then, the blonde MILF took her cheerleader outfit off. The dude bent his gf over and gave it to her doggy style. The step-mom’s boobs were out right for the bf to stare at them. Then, the naked mom got to be fucked in a missionary position by that large member. As the sexy naked woman was getting fucked, the teen sucked on her titties and her nips. The two naked girls, mom and daughter, switched back and forth, who is going to be fucked and who is going to fuck better. The bf was the one who was the winner since he got to fuck two super hot bimbos. He even licked them all out as his cock was getting fucked by the free pussy. As he had enough, he lined up his gf and the slutty step-mom and spunked all over those huge boobs and his GF’s face. They lived happily ever after.



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