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The idea that my girlfriend was watching me fucking another girl and making her orgasm excited me beyond anything I had ever experienced. She rode me in reverse too, with Vienna sliding her fingers up and down the crack of her ass and toying with her asshole! Their hands were everywhere, their pussies tightened around me and I had to clench my teeth trying not to cum. I couldn’t fail at this. I had to satisfy both girls! Two naked girls got their pussies fucked in all possible positions through an incredible threesome that only ended when I had given them a massive facial cumshot to share! There was so much cum and girls did their best to swallow it all. I came all over them both and watch the naked girls lick my spunk off each other! If I would have known my girlfriend was into threesomes, I would have invited Vienna to join us a long time ago! Well, we can still make up for lost time!



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