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My sexy brunette stepsister was back in town and found that I took over her room and made it into my own while she was away, so she had no other option than to crash with me and share her bed, which led to some pretty sexy situations. Watching her sleeping next to me wearing a sexy thong made my cock very hard, but she was more than happy to help me out with my erection, taking it in her soft hands and jerking it. It didn’t take her long to make me blow my load either, and he had a naughty look on her face as she checked out all the hot spunk left in the palm of her hand after making me cum. The next morning, I wanted to see if my slutty stepsister was willing to take a little bit further. My sexy step sister got down on her knees, grabbing my hard cock in her hands, gently licking and kissing the tip. She opened her mouth, enveloped the head of my cock with her lips and closed them around it. Her warm mouth felt so wonderful and her hot tongue was making circles around and over my cockhead. While my slutty step sister was teasing and pleasing my hot throbbing cock, she was looking up into my eyes and smiling. She got my cock so fucking hard as she gave me head that without notice, I blew my load inside her mouth, filling it with my hot spunk! She looked so hot with my cock in her mouth and cum on her lips. She definitely wasn’t ready for that! But she didn’t spit it out and swallowed my cum! During the few weeks that she stayed in the house, we fool around all the time, with her sucking and stroking my cock and me eating her out and fingering her, but we never actually fucked. Finally, it was her day to go back to college, so I suggested perhaps before she left we should say goodbye to each other. She told me she already had a farewell gift in mind for me, making me lie down on the couch as she took off her top and teased me with her big tits. She started playing with her nipples and moaned in approval, giving me signals that I could go further. I pulled out my hard cock and she straddled herself on top of my lap, rubbing my hard cock between her wet pussy lips. I felt her clit against my dick. She teased me until she finally pushed my dick inside her gushing cunt and began riding me in cowgirl position. Yes, I was finally fucking my sexy stepsister! She looked so fucking sexy in her thigh high black and white striped socks, grinding her hips as she rode on my big hard sausage with a flustered look at her beautiful face. I felt her clit throb against my pubic bone as her cunt muscles clenched rhythmically around my dick.



The naked girl flipped over, showing me her delicious bubble shaped ass, making it bounce up and down on my lap while riding me in reverse cowgirl position. Her asshole was flexing and clenching in front of me, and I made a silent promise that I would have it too someday. Her pussy was incredibly tight and wet, we had both been waiting so long for this moment. I put her down on her hands and knees, fucking her doggie style from behind. She pushed her juicy butt back up against my cock, urging me to fuck her very hard so she could remember this fuck when she was back in campus, masturbating all alone in her dorm room. I pinned her shoulders to the rug and fucked her in a pile driver until I was ready to blow my hot cum all over her! My horny step sister delicately used her small, warm tongue to clean me, lapping my cum mixed with her cunt juice from my balls, and then the shaft.



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