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Don’t miss this absolutely amazing lesbian fisting daughter-mother scene! Funny and hot at the same time. I love these taboo sex scenes incredibly hot and these two pulled it off wonderfully. Sexy brunette teen Megan is studying in the living room when she hears her stepmother, a beautiful blonde cougar calling her out for help from her bedroom. When she gets there she finds her wearing a sexy lingerie outfit with lace stockings, but she can’t figure out what the big emergency is, despite her stepmom urging her not to freak out. As it turns out, she was preparing to go out on a date with her new boyfriend, and since she was feeling a little bit tight down there, she thought it would be a good idea to stretch out her pussy with her small dildo and somehow managed to get it stuck inside her cunt! How is getting something stuck in your vagina silly? it happens to women all the time. “Maybe you should hire someone for that kind of problem.” “Oh yeah, I’m just going to call 1-800-remove-the-dildo.” Funny and hot at the same time. Unable to get it out on her own, it’s up to the teen girl to get the job done! Her hot stepmom bends over, pulling her thong down her knees, exposing her delicious bubble butt and dripping wet snatch. The girls have great comedic skills! “I feel like a doctor right now.” Megan spreads her pussy wide open with her fingers and takes a look inside, but she can’t see anything. She will definitely have to use more fingers to fish that naughty dildo from inside her stepmom’s cunt. “Another finger? That’s disgusting, Mom!” Megan is absolutely brilliant here, an award-winning comic performance. She is so funny, staying in character as the grossed out daughter, reluctant to touch her mother, hesitant at every step. “I don’t want to lick my finger that was just in there.” Before she knows it, she has her entire fist inside her stepmom’s pussy and is fisting her like crazy! Never seen elbow-deep fisting played for comedy, but this works. The girls are both so turned on by this, specially her stepmom, when Megan’s knuckles start touching her G-spot! This makes her cum so hard and from there on, it turns into a hot lesbian sex session, with both girls licking and finger fucking their dripping wet pussies, scissoring each other and making out like sluts in heat. Megan is no longer looking for that dildo shoved in her stepmom’s cunt, she just wants to fist her crazy! Outstanding fisting scene, beautiful rimming and tribbing, and the girls make the mommy-daughter chemistry as authentic as it can get. The point where the young girl is fisting and tonguing her mom’s asshole while she is rubbing her clit is just AMAZING! This is why GIRLSWAY is the best lesbian porn website! Thanks for this brilliant scene guys! Now that’s a scene that needs a sequel, and soon!



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