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When you have 11 inches of cock, you have to put them to good use, so this guy decides to coach an all-female soccer team. The girls are fucking hot and watching these teens practice in their skimpy uniforms keeps his cock rock hard and bulging through his shorts. I like the outdoors scenery! One of the girls notices, and she can’t resist getting close to him and taking a grab at his throbbing erection. He sends the rest of the girls to practice soccer and stays behind with her so they can play some more. He presses her against him, she can feel his hefty cock against her ass over their clothes while he grabs her tits over her top and rubs her wet muff under her shorts. While the girls practice, he whips out his big juicy dick and the naughty schoolgirl gets down on her knees so she can take it in her soft hands and starts sucking and stroking it. She has never tasted in 11 inch cock in her life and she can’t believe she’s getting to play with something so fucking big and hard, she feels so privileged to be coached by such a hot stud. His balls are also huge and she delights herself licking and sucking them hard. This teen is already an expert at handling his balls! She deep throats his massive dick and he holds her head still so he can fuck her wet mouth. She loves the way he pushes his cock down her throat, making her choke and gag on it, slapping his balls against her face. The hot teen leans over the refreshments table under the tent and he pulls down her sexy shorts and panties, spreading her juicy bubble butt cheeks wide open and darting his tongue in and out of her puckered asshole and her dripping wet slit. “Oh fuck yeah!” she groans. She grinds her naked ass while her coach is eating her out. Then the sexy soccer player spreads her ass cheeks and he pushes his hard massive cock between them. There is a moment of resistance before the big head of his knob pops inside her tight pussy slit, and finally her pussy swallowing his huge dick. “Aaaahhhhh fuuuuuckkk!” she sighs “Mmmmm – that feels good!” They sneakily fuck out in the open as the rest of the team practice for the big game! The horny coach thrusts his 11 inches cock deep inside her wet cunt, pounding her hard from behind against the table. Her big tits dangle from her top the same way his big balls dangle from the sides of his shorts as they fuck and he keeps banging her even when the rest of the girls stop by to rehydrate themselves under the tent. If they practice and improve, they will get to enjoy his big juicy cock too. She gets back on her knees so she can keep sucking and licking his cock and his balls. He thrusts deep into her mouth, making her gag and cough on his massive cock. His whole cock is so deep into her throat that his big balls are resting on her nose! This babe is fine as fuck, she can fuck and her head game is out of this world. The naked girl straddles herself atop him. Fuck yeah, the coed moans as she slips her wet pussy further down his big pole until her shaved lips meet his crotch. Now they are both totally naked and her tits are bouncing up and down as she takes a heavenly ride atop the coach’s huge cock by the stands. His balls are slapping against her clit. Amazing! She is so hot and love the bush!



This sexy coed knows the rest of the girls can see them fucking from afar as they are practicing and it absolutely turns her on. The players come back and they can see her sucking the coach’s cock. He can’t stop and starts cumming right on her face and in her mouth. He groans in delight as the slut catches his cum on her tongue and swallows it. As the girld watch, she lovingly licks and sucks on his balls, moving from one to the other and back to the huge cock, hosing her face and choking with immense loads of cum. The girls will probably masturbate together in the locker room while reminiscing on this hot experience and how hot it feels having the coach blow his creamy load all over her face and in her mouth! If you liked this video don’t forget to download it!



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