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The hot small teen with phat ass begs me to oil her up even more so I just pour the entire body of baby oil all over her naked body, massaging her bubbly butt and her big tits with it, rubbing it all over her sexy belly and her wet muff, feeling how her body squirms with absolute pleasure. I sit on the couch and the naked girl straddles herself on top, sitting on my lap, impaling her cunt on my rock hard cock and sliding her naked body up and down. I press her against me, feeling her sweat and the baby oil oozing down her body as I get ready to cum, splattering sticky jizz all over her ass! With her naked ass high in the air this little bitch spreads her ass cheeks and makes me cum on her used pussy and her asshole. She moans loudly and grabs her buttocks to spread them wider when I cover her ass crack with my cum.



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