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Her pussy pulsated and squeezed me. Then I put the naked girl on her back with her legs spread wide open and while she kept them spread with her hands I slammed her pussy sideways in a modified missionary position. She loved it! As I thrusted hard and deep my balls were slapping against her clit. I was focused intently on destroying her little pussy with my bid cock. Every ounce of energy I had, all my sex power went into slamming my dick into this little slut. I wanted her back on top, watching her juicy bubble ass bouncing up and down on my hard cock in reverse cowgirl. This sexy little bitch had a pussy that just wouldn’t quit, but that’s okay because my big hard cock is no quitter either! Finally I was ready to blow my load, blasting lots of hot and sticky cum all over her beautiful face, her open mouth and her tiny titties! I thrust my dick in her moth, like her mouth was a pussy. I was fucking her mouth while she was using her tongue to her best of her abilities to make me cum in her mouth.



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