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My naughty blonde stepdaughter definitely picked the wrong day to skip classes because I decided to stay working from home that they and I was right there as she sneaked back inside the living room through the balcony window. She was wearing a sexy cropped tank top and tight black leggings, looking fucking hot as hell as usual. She is so fucking seductive! I was watching some online porn to entertain myself while taking a break from work, so my cock was already pretty damn hard and watching her sneaking inside dressed like that just made it get fucking harder. The little slut begged me not to tell her mom she was skipping school and I told her I would keep her secret, but she had to give me a hand… She got the hint and sat by my side, grabbing my big throbbing member in her hands and giving me a nasty blowjob, sucking and stroking my morning wood. Suddenly we heard her mom, so she hid under the covers while she entered the room, looking for her cell phone. I’ve just never done anything like that before, talking to my wife while her daughter was sucking me off. I thought I would cum right in her mouth! Just the thought of it was enough to make my heart skip a beat. She finally left and I could go back to enjoying my sexy stepdaughter playing with my rock hard cock and my balls. Taking a breath I grabbed her head and pushed it against my crotch, ramming my hard dick deep down her throat and making her gag on it. She looked so fucking beautiful. Her eyes well up and her gag reflexes kick in, making her drool all over my cock and balls as I blow my load in her mouth and watch her swallow it all up. She swallowed it and then cleaned my cock good for me too! Awesome! That’s as far as we get until a few days later, when her mom asks me to talk to her about school, her grades and shit like that. I go to her bedroom and try talking to her, but man, she’s wearing a sexy bra and panties and over the knee socks and she’s making my dick so hard! To make me shut up, she takes off her panties, getting on all fours on her bed and posing with that beautiful naked ass in the air. I’ve never seen so perfect pussy before! Her smooth pussy lips are pouty and tight, with only the slightest hint of labia. She is rubbing her flawless pussy, slowly working her finger over her clit and along her tight slit. I place my cock between her ass cheeks and she begins to slowly move back and forth against my cock. I fuck her doggie style from behind, pounding that delicious bubble shaped ass. Fuck, teens are so fucking tight! Since I’m banging her old hag of a mom, I forget about this!



My horny step daughter spreads her butt cheeks with her hands while I am fucking her and I can see her delicious asshole contracting with every thrust of my cock. “Shhhhhh,” I say suddenly, putting my hand over her mouth. There is definitely movement upstairs, her Mother! My naked step daughter grabs her panties and quickly puts them on, just in time when her mother enters the room. As soon as she leaves, she gets naked again, spreading her legs wide open on her bed and offering me her delicious pink pussy burger! Man, my will is so weak, I just ram my hard cock deep inside her gushing cunt and fuck the living shit out of her! She plays with herself while I am banging her hard and fast. These teens are so hot! I push my dick all the way in her cunt, relishing the feeling of her pussy around my cock. Then she straddles herself on top, riding me until I ready to blow my creamy load all over her. The teen slut promises to stop skipping classes if I promised to keep fucking her, done deal!



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