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This guy has been invited by his best friend to spend this sunny day at his home enjoying a barbecue with him and his busty girlfriend. While they are setting up the barbecue in the patio the busty naked girl is taking a hot shower and it just so happens that the bathroom has a big ass window, so this guy can see the beautiful brunette soaping up her big tits and hot body while he’s talking with his buddy. I could watch this girl soap up her pussy all day long … goddess and those fucking tits, amazing. She`s so hot. Fantastic body! After her shower, the brunette joins the guys wearing a sexy tied down cropped shirt and skimpy Daisy Dukes, looking so fucking hot, the dude has to conceal the massive hard-on he’s getting from watching his best friend’s girlfriend. He’s so distracted, he burns his finger with the grill, and the brunette takes it and pops it in her mouth, sucking it to make him feel better, then taking him back inside so she can take care of his boo-boo. Once she took care of his finger, she lets him know she saw him checking her out while she was showering, so maybe he would like to take a better, and closer, look at her big tits, as she unties her shirt and lets them loose! He latches on to her breasts like a leech, squeezing them while sucking hard on her puffy nipples. Her boyfriend comes inside to check on them, but he doesn’t notice from his position that his girlfriend is sucking and stroking his friend’s big throbbing erection! He goes back to cooking them sausages on the grill while his girlfriend is eating hers raw! They strip naked and the naked girl leans over the big ass window while he fucks her dripping wet pussy from behind, right behind his best friend and her boyfriend. Then she gets back on her knees, sucking his big fat cock so she can taste her pussy on it. She straddles herself on top, sitting on his lap and pushing his dick inside her gushing cunt, riding it in cowgirl position and making those big tits bounce up and down against his face. He puts her on her back, pumping her pink pussy burger with his fat hot dog in missionary position. She sits back on his dick, riding it in reverse cowgirl. His buddy comes back in just in time to see his best friend cumming all over his girl’s face and tits!



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