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Then my naked step sister sat on my face, literally fucked my mouth with her pussy, softly bouncing her bubble ass on my face. With my nose in her bush, and my mouth sucking her clitoris, I felt her orgasms, suddenly her pussy contracted, squirting juice into my mouth. She turned over with her amazing ass in my face, I garbbed her big bubble buttocks and began to thrust my dick in and out of her dripping cunt. She was slamming herself down onto me. With her hand she even managed to caress my balls while move her ass up and down! My horny stepsis got on her back again, legs spread wide open, fondling her big tits while I fucked her in missionary and then in reverse cowgirl position, with her hot naked body pressed against my own. She wanted me to pound her pussy in all possible positions and do all the stuff she saw in her porn! She even wanted me to cum on her face! I blew my creamy load all over her cute face and her big tits and we kept fucking all day long!



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