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It’s graduation day, and since my stepsister and I are graduating on the same day, our father decided to put together a nice little celebration. He even got a beautiful cake. While he went back to the kitchen because he forgot the plastic forks, my stepsister told me she had a very special gift for me to commemorate graduating and becoming a man. I had no idea what she was talking about until she was down on her knees, getting my dick hard with her hands and her mouth! Wow, my stepsister was giving me a graduation blowjob! She looked so sexy in her graduation gown, sucking and stroking my throbbing erection. She didn’t even stop when our dad came back, as I covered her with my own gown so he couldn’t see what was going on. He’s so clueless anyway. Thinking my sister was gone, he went looking for her, then came back and sat down to wait for her. She crawled out of the room and pretended to come back and as our dad took pictures of us, she rubbed her delicious bubble butt against my crotch, making me so damn hard! After we had our cake and our dad finally stopped pestering, she suggested we go to her bedroom and finish what we started earlier! Once there, in her bathroom, she removed her gown and she was absolutely naked underneath! After teasing me with her beautiful tits, spreading her juicy bubble butt and showing me the crack of her ass, her tender little asshole and her dripping wet cunt, she got back to sucking and stroking my rock hard cock, telling me for how long she had wanted to do this. After lubing up my cock with her drool she made me sit by the edge of the tub, straddling herself on top, sitting on my cock in reverse cowgirl position and riding me. Her cunt was hot and creamy. I pushed my huge cock in between her swollen pussy lips. She let out a loud hollowing cry and she felt my cock penetrate deeply into her vagina. I grabbed her hips, her waist, her big tits, rubbing and massaging every inch of her naked body while she rocked my cock. My step sister knew how to ride a cock right as she screamed out she was cumming. I could feel her body tighten up as she had her orgasm. She screamed for me to fuck her harder as I squeezed her hips and slammed her pussy with every ounce of strength I had left.



My slutty step sister told me to lie flat on my back on the bathroom floor, squatting on top of my dick and pushing it back inside her, riding me in reverse cowgirl some more. She got down on her hands and knees, swallowing my cock all the way down to my balls, then she got back on top and continued riding me, grinding her hips, moving her hot ass in circles while on top of my cock. “Damn it,” I screamed at myself, raging at the way she rode me. The crazy slut got down on her hands and knees, wiggling her delicious bubble butt, inviting me to penetrate her gushing pussy from behind and fuck her doggie style. I stood still as she pushed her round butt back up against my cock, twerking her ass all the time. I began to pound her as hard as I could. I thrusted all of my cock deep in her pussy. I slammed my step sister’s pussy in several different positions and she took my thick cock and loved every single second of it. My graduation gift ended with me blowing my load, spraying lots of hot cum all over my stepsister’s face, her fabulous ass and her beautiful tits, what a gift!



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