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This sexy brunette slut with the pink rimmed glasses enjoys showing off her tight body in a skimpy tank top and shorts, shaking her tits and her big bubbly butt. Her ass is so fucking sexy. She knows fidget spinners are all the hype right now and she’s a trendy girl, so she got herself a colorful fidget spinner butt plug that fits snugly in her deliciously tight asshole! Finally a good use for those spinner things! She shows off her juicy bubble butt while making her fidget spinner spin, grabbing a bottle of baby oil and pouring it all over her delicious ass. Her adorable personality, olive skin and luscious curves are all to die for! She has the best facial expressions, too. The slick oil drips down the crack of her ass, lubing up her asshole and pussy as her stud arrives, putting his slut down on her hands and knees, ramming his big throbbing erection deep inside her oiled up pussy and plowing her hard doggie style from behind. He holds her by her neck and pulls her back towards his body, talking dirty to her while removing the butt plug from inside her, stretching out her asshole in the process, then pushing it back inside her anal funnel. He extracts the pretty big butt plug from her butthole once again, and inserts it in her mouth, so she can taste her own asshole while he drips baby oil all over his dick and plunges it into her gaping asshole, anal fucking her from behind. He inserts the oil bottle straight up her asshole and squeezes it, flooding her anal tunnel with lots of creamy oil and her ass begins to squirt! Anal squirting is so hot! This hot teen takes cock in her ass like a fucking champ and she is unable to stop her ass squirting! He keeps pouring baby oil all over their hot naked bodies as they fuck and his cock alternates between her cunt and her ass. The vicious slut straddles herself on top of his cock and impales her ass on it in reverse cowgirl position, spreading her legs wide open and getting her slippery snatch rubbed, anal squirting all the time. Her pussy lips are soaked in oil and spread wide open, she looks like such a filthy whore. He puts this young bitch on her back, spread legged, anal fucking her in the nastiest positions. She is squirting more and more oil all over his face and her tits, her belly and legs. He squirts more oil into her asshole and pounds it some more doggie style from behind while she’s down on all fours before smearing all his cum on her slutty face and her oiled up body.



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  2. Faqme | 19 December 2017, 20:28

    Bitch that toy was in your fucking ass and u have it in your mouth?

  3. Does anyone know the name of the guy in the video | 25 November 2017, 14:01

    Does anyone know the guy’s name in the video

  4. Sean | 23 November 2017, 08:25

    She has a sexy booby and her buuty

  5. Timmy Turner | 30 October 2017, 16:14

    She sounds like Kristen Schall

  6. just another guy | 25 October 2017, 07:58


  7. Anonymous | 22 October 2017, 20:16

    ik its fucked but i love this hardcore shit

  8. Jazz | 16 October 2017, 02:34

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  9. Olive P x | 02 October 2017, 03:19

    What is his name?

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  12. Gay asf | 25 September 2017, 21:43

    A least he oiled up the fidget spinner and this shit is gross

  13. Gotta love them russians | 24 September 2017, 01:07

    I somehow feel like this is the norm for russians

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  16. Consider suicide | 22 September 2017, 11:38

    This is the pinnacle of billions of years of evolution…

    I still bust

  17. Everyone's a critic | 22 September 2017, 08:38

    Anybody have some bleach?

  18. Alllll | 21 September 2017, 21:43

    If that isn’t the prettiest ass I have ever seen

  19. Anon | 20 September 2017, 23:09

    *sees thumbnail* is that a fidget spinner.
    *plays video* yup that a fidget spinner, gosh darnit.

  20. BadBonerInBonneville | 20 September 2017, 23:05

    When she “farted” I laughed so hard that I lost my breath and my boner, oof.

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  23. F I D G E T S I N N E R | 20 September 2017, 08:38

    This is was fucked up

  24. 222 | 19 September 2017, 21:26

    Y would yall mess up a perfectly ok couch

  25. Anonymous | 19 September 2017, 21:24

    Yo they just fucked up a perfectly good sofa

  26. Guy Fieri | 19 September 2017, 17:04

    What did I just witness. I want to die.

  27. Kratos | 18 September 2017, 20:22

    Wtf is this video…

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  32. Guy | 17 September 2017, 22:56

    Yo is this shit normal now. Like wtf

  33. Anonymous | 17 September 2017, 22:31

    Bruh what the fuck was that

  34. God | 17 September 2017, 21:41

    you disappoint me

  35. Couch collector | 17 September 2017, 21:39

    Motherfuckers are ruining that damn couch.

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  37. Anonymous | 17 September 2017, 14:57

    A fucking fidget spinner? Seriously?!

  38. Anonymous | 17 September 2017, 13:42

    Abella danger

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  40. Yaboi | 17 September 2017, 13:16

    What is her name?