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My stepdaughter helps me celebrate Father’s Day with blowjobs and sex! My sexy blond stepdaughter woke me up early in the morning bringing me my morning coffee to bed since it was Father’s Day. However, she was having some problems leveling the small breakfast table over my lap and when she reached under the blanket she found something hard, very hard, my morning wood! I guess she wasn’t aware of how big and hard her step daddy’s Dick gets early in the morning, especially when she’s around! She was worried that it wouldn’t go away, but I told her she could actually help me out with that, placing her tiny soft hands around my shaft and showing her how to stroke my bulging erection. I could already see her nipples getting hard under her white tank top as she jerked me off, feeling my cock getting even bigger and harder in her hands. I love getting a morning handjob from her, but a couple of hours later, when she came over asking me for some money to get me a pair of socks as a gift, I had a better idea for a present, how about giving her step daddy a blowjob? Eager to please, she got down on her knees and started sucking on my big juicy cock. I pushed her face against my crotch, ramming my sausage down her throat and fucking her mouth. Man, it felt so good, I didn’t even stop when I was about to cum, blowing my creamy load inside her mouth! She looked so nice and cute with my cum dripping from the sides of her lips and down her chin. She was going to show me how much she loved me, cleaning up my cum with her tongue. My sexy stepdaughter had already given me a handjob and a blowjob for Father’s Day, so a couple of hours later, I placed her on my lap, letting her feel my big throbbing member against her young pussy as I stripped her naked and push my hard cock deep inside her tight cunt. She had a cute little choker on her neck and looked beautiful bouncing up and down my Dick as I made her ride me in cowgirl position. I placed her on her back and spread her legs wide open, pounding her hard in missionary position. Her pussy was so tight and totally shaved. I squeezed her tiny titties while fucking her and I rub and finger fucked her pink clam, watching her cum several times as I masturbated her. I told her to spread her legs wide open once again and keep them apart with her hands so I could slam that delicious cunt with my big dick, fucking her very hard and watching that beautiful flushed expression on her face as she felt her step daddy’s hard cock stuffing her. I was ready to cum. “I’m not protected, please don’t cum in me! Please take it out, please don’t cum in me!” she howled helplessly. “Please don’t cum in my pussy… please cum in my mouth… cum in my mouth. Pleeeazzzzzee… I’m begging you”



Suddenly her cunt spasmed as she came, her pussy gripping my cock and sending me over the edge. She cried out as she felt the first stream of my seed erupt between her widely spread legs, bathing the walls of her vagina with its liquid heat. The hot sticky sperm covered her womb. After the first load was deposited deep in her womb, I encircled her narrow waist with my hands and resumed pumping in and out of her tight pussy as wave after wave of my cum erupted deep inside her. “Ohhh, so gooood…” She felt a final hot jet burst into her, and her vagina muscles began to milk my shaft for every last drop of my sperm. We kept celebrating Father’s Day all day long, I lost count of how many times I fucked her and emptied my balls in her pussy, her tight little ass and sprayed lots of hot and sticky cum all over her face and young naked body!



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