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This horny guy has a huge crush on his wife’s hot brunette sister. He spies on her every chance he gets, especially when she’s taking those long, sexy bubble baths. He can no longer resist just watching her, he must have her, so he makes a bold move and sneaks into her house and into her bathroom. This girl is so gorgeous, her slender body, puffy nipples, bubble butt, and her flawless inviting pussy make me feel like I just took 100mg of viagra. She’s quite surprised to see her sister’s husband there. He’s making up some lame excuses, but judging by the big throbbing bulge under his pants, she knows why he’s really here. She pulls him towards her, kissing his lips and venturing her slick tongue inside his mouth. Unfortunately, they knocked on her door interrupts them. Such bad timing, it’s her sister, his wife! As she invites herself in, he dives into the tub and hides under the soapy bubbles. Looks like she brought ice-cream and wanted to share it with her beloved sister, but her sister already has something she definitely wouldn’t like sharing, so she asks her for some privacy and as soon as she closes the door, she strips her sister’s husband naked and starts stroking his hard cock, soaping it all up as she sucks his dick and balls. The fact that her sister is in her house makes her even more turned on about fucking her husband behind her back. The sexy naked babe bends over the tub and gets a leg up as he rams his big juicy Dick deep inside her gushing cunt, banging her hard from behind. The wife’s horny sister makes him sit on the edge of the tub, sitting down on his lap, pushing his delicious cock deep inside her mouth and bouncing up and down on it. Her sister’s husband’s big hard cock feels so good inside her. She’s always talking about it, though it’s about time she got to experience it for herself. Not that she has to know, it can be their dirty little secret. The babe grinds her juicy bubble butt back up against his member, massaging her pussy while riding him in reverse cowgirl position. She leans sideways so he can penetrate her in that angle, then fucking her in missionary position until he’s ready to blow his creamy load all over her sexy face, open mouth and big tits. After swallowing his hot spunk, she’s ready to get some of that ice cream her sister brought!



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