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I came to see my friend, but instead I found his hot elder sister sunbathing naked by the pool! She was rubbing sun lotion all over her fabulous body, long legs and big tits, her sexy skin glistening under the sun as she oiled herself up! I have never seen a naked women before. I never thought that the first pussy I see would be my friend’s sister. As I look from the balcony, I can see her reaching under her bikini bottom, oiling up her cunt and masturbating herself! I can’t resist the temptation of going down and getting closer to her, as close as I can get. She looks so hot, so sexy, so dirty! When she sees me, she doesn’t get startled at all, she looks straight at my crotch, at the massive bulge throbbing hard between my legs from watching her masturbate. She signals me to come closer, unzipping my pants, pulling down on my boxer briefs and liberating my young dick. She licks her lips upon the view of my big erect cock. It’s obvious that she likes what she is seeing. Down on her knees, she gives it a few strokes and pops it in her wet mouth. The naked babe swallows my member all the way down to my balls, deepthroating me like a pornstar. Believe me, I have a pretty big dick. She takes me to a nearby couch and throws me on it, throwing herself on top of me, pushing those beautiful big tits against my face, making me suck on her big puffy nipples. Her full breast are pressed firmly against my chest. She gets back on her knees, between my legs, stroking my rod while licking and sucking my balls, soaking them with her warm saliva. She places my drool drenched cock between her big tits and gives me a tit job. This babe has the biggest boobs I have ever seen! The feeling on her soft tits squeezing my cock is amazing. It’s hard not cumming all over those big melons on the spot! But I want to last, I want to fuck this bitch so bad! She’s a Latina slut, and she talks dirty to me in Spanish, that sexy Latina accent gets my cock so fucking hard! She slowly lowers her hot body pushing her pussy slowly down the length of my 8 inch dick until I can feel her bare pussy lips pressing against my groin. She climbs on top and pushes it inside her! The best feeling in the world! She presses her body firmly against mine forcing my body to squirm with pleasure. Her pussy squeezes tightly around my dick as I begin to push and pull my dick out of her pussy. My dick is buried as deep as possible in her pussy. I grab her big bubble butt in my hands as it bounces up and down my lap, her big tits against my face, smothering me as I pound the shit out of her wet cunt! I flip her over and keep fucking her in reverse cowgirl, grabbing her by the neck while she rubs her cunt and begs me to bang her harder, faster and deeper.



I push my dick between her tits and into her mouth and then I spread her legs wide open and continue fucking my best friend’s horny older sister in missionary position. I put both hands on her boobs ass as I pump my hard dick into her pussy faster and faster. We are fucking each other fast and hard, both our bodies bouncing off the sofa so hard we make the sofa bounce. We scissor each other, she pushes her cunt against my crotch, moaning and licking her lips. She sits back on my dick, she smiles as she grinds her pussy down on my dick. She cries slamming her pussy down over me and taking my dick completely inside her. I spank her big ass harder as she moans into my mouth and I squeeze her big boobs with my hands. Her gorgeous body begins to shake! Suddenly I can feel hot juices running down my balls. She rides me until I’m ready to blow my load all over her big tits! Can’t wait to tell my friend about the hot girl I fucked!



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