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Miss Perry is a cute blonde girl and this high-powered executive’s new secretary. A beautiful blonde with glasses, big tits that practically burst out of her tight blouse, and legs that go all the way up her ass. Miss Perry knows her boss is very demanding and quite degrading in her treatment of her inferiors, yet she does her best to please her. After crumpling her report, throwing it in the floor, and ordering Miss Perry to pick it up, her dominant boss can’t help notice her new secretary’s nice ass as she bends over to pick it up. She told her she would do anything to keep her satisfied, maybe it’s time to put this statement to the test! She grabs her by her pearl necklace and pulls her towards her big tits, popping them over her blouse and making her suckle on her big, puffy nipples. The little girl obeys, as her boss stands, towering over her as she is so much taller! But what she lacks in size, she more than makes up for with determination, which she shows when her boss spreads her legs wide open and orders her to eat her out. She expects her new secretary to do a half ass job like all those before her and is in for a surprise when Perry shows off her oral prowess, licking every hot spot in her wet snatch! This little slut is full of surprises! She pushes her fingers down her throat and makes her gag on them, so she can rub all that drool all over her wet snatch. She bends her secretary over her desk, fingering her tight pussy while licking her asshole. Taking advantage of her small size, she puts the petite girl over her shoulders and eats her out while she touches the ceiling with her fingertips. They told her she could go up in this company! Perry gets her muff eaten out against the window panes in the office, perched atop the shoulders of her domineering bitch boss. She literally fucks her pussy with her tongue, forcing her tongue deep into her, licking all juices from her sweet little hole, her nose filling with the aroma of her young pussy. She can’t stop cumming, her tiny body continues to spasm. She enjoys being dominated and fucked by an alpha lesbian bitch like her! She surprises her boss once again when she spreads her legs over her desk and drives her entire fist up her gushing cunt, fisting her! Her cunt begins to squirt with her fist inside. She puts Perry in a pile driver and the naked girls eat each other out, this new secretary is a keeper! DON’T MISS this amazing lesbian sex scene, pussy fisting, tongue fucking, standing lesbian 69, these crazy girls fuck each other with their tongues and fists, squirting and cumming in each other’s faces!



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