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Un. Fucking. Believable!!! My new girlfriend is a sexy petite blonde and she is a dancer. I love watching her practice in the living room before heading off to her dance class, wearing her sexy leg warmers and dance clothes. She likes teasing me, flashing me her pussy so she can get me all worked up, making me wait until she gets back from her class for us to fuck. Man, I can’t wait so long! My girl finds it so difficult to keep her clothes on when she’s feeling horny, and her dance clothes, cut tight between her ass cheeks, always make her feel horny. She sits on the chair she’s using to practice her dance moves, spreads her legs wide open revealing her petty pussy. She plays with her pussy for me, slowly rubbing her finger up and down between her swollen lips. We installed a big ass wall-to-wall mirror in the living room for her dance practice, and it’s so hot using it for sex. She can see how turned on I am, and she’s feeling pretty horny too, stripping naked by letting me know she’ll leave her leg warmers on, knowing how much they turn me on. She gets down on her knees and I whip out my big throbbing erection so she can suck and stroke it, spreading her delicious warm drool all over my cock and my balls, drenching them. I take her by the head, and push her down to my cock. Without the need for any other instructions, she hungrily takes my fat cock in her little mouth, as she uses her fingertips to play with my balls and tease the shaft. Thick ropes of saliva drip down her chin and the sides of her lips as I ram my cock down her throat, fucking her sexy mouth and making her gag on my sausage. I lie flat on my back and my petite girlfriend inch by inch lowers herself on my rigid pole. “Ohhh damn… mmmm fuck… your cock is so big and hard, and my pussy is so small and tight” It is always so hard to fit my cock inside her tiny pussy. She keeps pushing herself onto my cock, pulling her wet pussy back off me, then pushing her little cunt down onto my cock again. “Oh, oh, oh, ahh, ahh, ugghhh, yes, yes,” she begins to ride me faster and faster, my cock slides deeper and deeper between her fat pussy lips. She is bouncing up and down in cowgirl position, her sexy naked body drenched in sweat, glistening. With that perfect fuck hole this girl was born to do one thing: riding cock. I play with her meaty pussy lips and clit, stimulating her as she rides my cock. Her juices are really flowing now and her hips are pumping madly as she begins her first orgasm. I feel her cunt muscles begin to convulse on my dick. She plays with herself too, pushing herself away from my cock, splitting her legs and pushing it in her mouth, sucking my cock furiously and re-lubing it up for more fucking. Slowly removing it from her mouth, she licks along the mighty pulsing shaft, lapping at the large amounts of precum and her own juices that clung to my cock. What a cocksucker, what a beautiful fucking cocksucker my girl is! I put my naked girl on the couch and spread her legs wide open, fucking her in missionary position, groping her tiny titties and watching her biting her lip, filled with pleasure. She likes it when I tug on her nipples, making her squirm. She grabs on hard to the couch, taking my hard cock like a pro, cumming as I continue to pound her with every inch of my cock. I start pumping her harder and faster and as she is cumming, she lets out a moan and has one orgasm after another. I continue to pound her tight little pussy. Hearing her moan and scream make me slam harder. I get back on the floor so she can straddle herself on top of me, her beautiful ass facing my way as she pushes my hard cock deep inside her gushing cunt, riding me in reverse cowgirl position with her energetic ass. I get to watch her beautiful bubble butt bouncing up and down on my lap while checking out her hot reflection on the mirror, she looks so fucking sexy impaled on my cock. I take her back to the couch.



She is laying there, legs spread, running her finger up and down her slit. “Now fuck my little pussy hard baby!” I put both hands on her waist and pound her cunt some more in missionary position. Her young pussy is tightened around my cock, she begins to cum again. She doesn’t want to get late to her dance class, so I speed up the rhythm, pushing the balls deeper and deeper in her puffy pussy, I continue to pound her until she cums all over my dick. She feels my cock swell, knowing I am ready to give her that sweet, hot cum, she sucks harder on my cock, gripping her lips and teeth around the hard plunging shaft. I begin to erupt, my seed fills her hungry mouth, shooting it down her throat, as she greedily sucks my sweet cum from my cock. She swallows hard, feeling the thick salty mixture slide down her throat. She continue to pump her hands along the hard shaft, running her fingers over my exploding bollocks. I’m cumming for a good minute, like been holding that shot for a good week. There is so much cum that she couldn’t swallow, it is running down her naked body.



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