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Alessandra is a sexy blonde Russian gymnast I met outside of her dance studio. Her hot body and sexy attitude captivated me and after inviting her to a coffee I offered her a ride back to her place. She was wearing a sexy tank top and denim shorts, she was provocative and sexy, I could tell how much she enjoyed flirting and teasing me from the passenger seat and I wanted to see how far she was willing to go so I dared her to show me her tits. She didn’t even flinch, popping them over her tank top and letting me take a good look. Man, I had a hard time keeping an eye on the road while checking her out, massaging her big boobs with her hands and making her nipples perky and erect. I wanted to see more, and she wanted to show me, but she asked me to take her somewhere a little bit private. I looked for a quiet place to park and she leaned over the passenger seat, releasing my big throbbing erection from under my pants and giving me a delicious blowjob, stroking and sucking my hard cock and drenching it with her drool. I knew that this was just the beginning. I played with her big tits while she gave me head and we got outside of the car, stripping naked as she got done on her knees and kept on sucking my cock, wrapping it between her big tits and massaging it with them. I opened the back of my car and she sat with her legs spread wide open, playing with her dripping with pussy as I pushed my hard cock deep inside it, feeling her tightness as I fucked her in missionary position. I lied flat on my back on the back of the car and she straddled herself atop, her sexy bubble butt facing my way as she bounced on my hard cock in reverse cowgirl position. She flipped over, grabbing on to the roof of the car and squatting over me, her beautiful big tits dangling as she took my cock all in! I had the time of my life fucking sexy Alessandra in the back of my car and blowing my creamy load all over her sexy face and her beautiful big tits and watching her lick them clean! I could not believe the copious amounts of cum that I had just fired over this naked girl. I had never had a pussy as good as hers, and never came like I was doing as I fucked her that day.



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