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I told my horny step sister that I wanted to fuck her in missionary position and she got on her back, spreading her long legs wide open and holding them with her hands by her toes, totally spread eagled so I could pound her gushing cunt very deep and very hard. She told me she had been fantasizing with this moment ever since the first time she got a glimpse of my big cock and she wanted this to be a memorable experience since it was going to be the first time but definitely not the last one, from now on, my naughty stepsister expected me to fuck her brains out on a regular basis. Just the thought of getting to fuck her turned me on so much. “I can’t take any more of this, I’m going to shoot my load in your face!” I blew my creamy load, spraying hot and sticky cum all over her beautiful face and in her mouth! I watched and felt her swallow my load, a small amount spilling out that she caught with her tiny hands.



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