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The excitement of maybe getting caught made us both even hornier as we fucked each other’s brains out on the couch. I flipped her over, spread her legs wide open, plowing her dripping wet cunt in missionary position. I had a clear view of her hairy triangle and my cock going in and out of her cunt. Fast and harder I felt my balls tighten. I didn’t want this to end but it had to. “Cum all over me! cum all over my tits!” I kept slamming my hot throbbing cock deeper in her cunt. The fountain of white sperm hit her face. I was blasting lots of hot and creamy cum all over her face and her big tits! That was the best day of my life! My cum started to drip off her tits as she pulled up her knickers. By the time my girl woke up, we were watching TV as if nothing! My girlfriend’s roommate proved to be one sexy bitch! Why the fuck am I dating my girlfriend instead of her? Guess I picked the wrong roommate, but that’s okay, since now I get to bang them both anyway!



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