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My older stepsister was making soup in the kitchen and she spilled some all over herself so she called me out and asked me to help her clean up. As I tried to get it off her white cotton tank top I just couldn’t help noticing how the messy soup soaked fabric stuck to her breasts, showing her hardened nipples as I rubbed her tits with a cloth towel. Before I knew it, my horny stepsister had me against the kitchen cabinet, removing the top and showing me her fabulous big tits as she stripped naked in front of me, noticeably turned on by the way I rubbed her body while helping her clean up. She let me know that there was nothing to worry since we were step siblings and that the mom was not home. She quickly pulled her panties down, exposing me her lovely pussy. As my gaze travelled down her gorgeous body I saw the dark triangle of pubic hair leading down between her legs. My step sister has one of the most beautiful bodies I have ever seen in porn videos. Her bare body was absolutely amazing. She was fully naked, she started fondling her big boobs with her one hand and her little pussy with the other. My horny step sister got down on her knees, reaching into my pants, grabbing hold of my big throbbing bulge and whipping it out, admiring how big and hard she had made it as she took it to her lips and started sucking and stroking it. My stepsister is really hot and I have masturbated thinking about her so many times I lost count, but I never imagined in my wildest dreams that she would be actually sucking my dick like she was! She kissed and licked the tip of my cock with a naughty look on her face when I heard some movement around the house. It was my mom! I could only imagine how my mom would reacted if she had found out. My stepsister had told me she was out, but she probably came back earlier than expected! To my surprise, the possibility of getting caught by her while fucking her stepdaughter, instead of deterring me, was making me even more turned on! It obviously had the same effect on my stepsister, who latched on to my cock and sucked it even harder! My slutty step sister kissed the tip of my cock and her tongue was circling it and licking it. She made me lie flat on the kitchen floor, squatting and sitting on my face, pushing her gushing cunt against my lips, making me eat her out, tasting that delicious juices that flowed from her pussy. She grind her pussy on my face, rubbing her wet pussy lips all over my face, making me drink her juices. After eating her out, my naked step sister flipped over and straddled herself on my lap, grabbing my throbbing erection and pushing it inside her wet muff, riding me in reverse cowgirl position on the kitchen floor.



She rubbed her pussy while bouncing up and down my lap screaming at the top of her lungs despite the fact that my mom could possibly hear her! She flipped over again, this time riding me in cowgirl position, grinding and swerving her delicious round ass before standing up and leaning over the kitchen counter, telling me to penetrate and fuck her from behind. We fucked all over the kitchen! As I slammed her against the counter I could hear my mother’s footsteps in her bedroom right above us on the upper floor, just begging that she wouldn’t come down before I had the chance to cum, blowing my creamy load all over my slutty stepsister’s face, watching her swallow it down as it drips down her chin and all over her big tits and her body!



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