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Sexy babe Kelsi was out on one of her daily runs, when she noticed a fun on the ground. She picked it up and brought it back to her apartment, where she continued with her daily fitness routine while going through the pictures on it, noticing many selfies of the owner’s big, hard cock that got her really turned on, so she started stripping naked while taking some more pictures for him to keep when she returned him his phone! She noticed it had a tracing app, and knew the owner would come looking for it sooner or later, luckily much sooner, since her pussy was already soaking wet when she opened the door for him, totally naked! He claimed it was his phone, but how could she believe him? The only pictures on it were of a big cock, so she would have to make sure his dick matched the one on the phone’s images. She got on her knees and pulled his pants down, amazed at the massive sausage this guy had between his legs. It was already fully erect and as thick as a fucking salami, just like the ones in the pictures on the phone! He wanted to thank her for finding and keeping his phone, and what better way than letting her feast on his gargantuan cock? Kelsi swallowed it whole, choking and gagging on it as she deepthroated that delicious dick and tested its precum. She hadn’t had anything remotely that big in her mouth for a long time! It was big, thick and curved downwards and she enjoyed stroking it and feeling it getting even bigger and harder in her soft hands and inside her wet mouth as she gave her new friend head. She helped him out of his jeans and continued slobbering all over his hard sausage, letting it drip with her warm saliva as she stood upside down on her hands and performed a split while her new lover sunk his tongue into her wet gash, eating her out and rimming her delicious asshole. They fucked in standing position, with her raising one of her legs over her head, showing off her amazing flexibility that comes in so handy when it’s time to fuck with a new guy and you want to impress. After all, he had already impressed her with his huge dick! She split over the couch and he pounded her muff while sitting under her, just admiring and enjoying her flawless round bubble butt bouncing up and down his rod as if it were spring-loaded. He straddled her on top and banged her in cowgirl position, with her legs still spread wide open until he was ready to cum, blasting lots of hot and sticky semen all over Kelsi’s sexy face and drop dead gorgeous body. She gave him back his phone with her number included for any day he wanted a booty call! Dont miss this random fuck session with one of the hottest girls ever!



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