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This group of three sexy, hot high school girls, a brunette, blonde and redhead, have a naughty plan to jump the new foreign boy in their school. The girls invite him over to their study group, but they know the only thing they are going to be studying this afternoon is his hot naked body and his big hard cock. The girls are serious about their research, so they are getting it all on camera. He’s a bit surprised when he sees it, by the girls tell him to relax. The three high school girls want to help him with his English, with a dynamic class in which pretty soon the girls are totally naked, while teaching him the proper name for their different and very sexy body parts. They start holding up words for him to pronounce, but all of them are of female genitalia. He tries to repeat words like titties, but the girls are more interested in demonstrating what they are. They show him their titties, asses, and their young pussies. He’s not just a very good learner; he’s also displaying a beautiful, delicious throbbing erection from watching his sexy classmates in the nude. It’s even dripping some glistening precum from the tip. Three young horny girls crawl around him and the brunette takes the lead, popping that hefty cock in her mouth and sucking and stroking it while her friends watch and join in, giving their foreign exchange classmate a triple blowjob he will never forget once he returns to his country. After showing off their amazing oral skills, they make him lie flat on his back, with the sexy brunette straddling herself on top, pushing that big cock deep inside her gushing pussy, riding him in cowgirl position while her friends watch them fucking while masturbating themselves. The brunette can’t believe how big and thick his cock is, it feels so snug inside her tight cunt, completely stuffing her. She gets off so her blonde friend can get on top and ride it too. The naked blonde squats in reverse cowgirl, so he can enjoy the sight of her sexy ass bouncing up and down his lap as she straddles him. Watching her beautiful ass and her hot friends rubbing their wet pussies while he’s fucking her makes him feel so horny, he just hopes he can hold all his cum in his balls until all three naked girls get to take a ride on his big dick roller coaster! His excitement over the English language is only shadowed by the excitement of fucking three hot American girls. The naked girls get down on their hands and knees, leaning against the couch side by side. He is rock hard, standing behind three beautiful naked girls who are on their hands and knees shaking their naked asses and asking him to fuck them.



Their classmate takes turns fucking each one of them doggy style from behind. Just a few minutes ago, this guy was a virgin, and now he’s fucking three of the hottest girls at his school! He still can’t believe it as he rams his big sausage in and out of those wet, tight pussies and gives the naughty girls all the dick they want. The girls flip over and spread their legs. Each one of these hotties lets him get a turn inside their hot American pussies. His cock is buried in one’s pussy, while the other girls are fingering their pussies. Things just can’t possibly get any better. He pulls his hot throbbing cock out of one’s pussy and puts it in the other wet cunt. After fucking them in missionary position, doggy style, 69, he finally cums, spraying lots of hot and sticky cum all over their sexy faces and their beautiful naked body! After he cums, the girls begin to lick his balls and cock with their tongues, kissing and swapping cum. The teens definitely need to have more study sessions!



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