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My girlfriend doesn’t understand why I get so excited when it’s time to go to the hair salon. She accompanies me, usually complaining that it takes so long until it’s my turn, but it’s well worth the wait. My hairdresser is a gorgeous brunette with a smoking hot body. After sitting me on her hairdresser chair she gets real close to me, whispering in my ear, asking if I want the usual, with a dirty look on her face. She knows I do! While my girlfriend buries her face behind a magazine, the hairdresser sets the chair to conceal us from her, pulling down on my jeans and releasing my throbbing erection. She pops my sausage in her wet, hot mouth, giving me a delicious blowjob. I looked behind my back, just to make sure my girlfriend is not watching us. I grabbed her silky hair in my hands, pushing her face against my crotch, feeling her deep throating my member all the way down to the balls. Ever since that first blowjob she gave me, I have been a loyal customer ever since. I pray for my hair to grow back fast just so I can visit her again. When my girlfriend put her magazine down, I just threw the apron over us, so she couldn’t tell anything fishy was going on. That was a close call! She got up and left to get a pedicure, awesome! My hairdresser kept sucking my dick and I kissed her lips, tasting my cock on them as we both stripped naked and she leaned over the hairdresser chair, begging me to stroke my hard cock deep inside her gushing cunt and pound her very hard from behind now that my wife wasn’t there to interrupt us! I slid down her beautiful back, burying my face between her delicious butt cheeks while I licked her dripping with pussy and that sexy little asshole. She was fucking amazing! This bitch loves when I toss her salad! I popped my cock back inside her and continued banging her from behind, then I sat on the chair and she straddled herself on top, facing the mirror, her feet planted over the armrests and squatting over my dick, riding me in reverse cowgirl. She’s was hot as fuck! Her body was delicious! She has one of the best asses around! I took her sexy long legs, pushing them together and lifting them up, making her pussy lips squeeze my dick inside her. I sat her on the chair, spread legging her, fucking her while rubbing her muff and making her squirt as she experienced an explosive orgasm, gushing pussy juices all over the hair salon floor, so fucking hot and nasty! I love making her squirt while we are fucking, especially since my girlfriend is dry as a fucking well! I kept banging her all over the hair salon until I was ready to blow my load! I guess my girlfriend finally found out why this was my favorite hair salon when she saw me cumming in the hairdresser’s mouth!



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