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I was hanging out at my friend’s house when his sexy girlfriend showed up, a beautiful blonde wearing a hot tank top and cotton panties. She’s always dressed sexy when I come over, and she invited me to the kitchen to make me a cup of coffee while my friend was busy on the phone. I promised not to do it again, it’s so hard to resist when your best friend’s girlfriend is so fucking hot and is coming on to you so strong! I couldn’t say no to her. Now, with that naked titties right in front of me, I lost all control of my senses. I was just 18 and she wanted me there to fuck her. The teen slut got on her knees, pulling down my pants. My cock was already fucking hard as a rock as she took it in her hands and started giving me head, sucking and stroking it, drenching my dick and my balls in drool. My friend was just a few feet away from us, in the other room. Luckily he was too busy on the phone, with his back facing away. I just hoped he didn’t catch us! His girlfriend kept telling me how bad she wanted to suck my dick while blowing me, climbing over the kitchen counter, spreading her legs wide open, pulling her cotton panties aside and showing me her beautiful pink snatch, already gushing with her pussy juices as she begged me to penetrate and fuck her brains out right there in the kitchen behind her boyfriend’s back. I didn’t even think about it, man, I just ran my cock deep inside that wet cunt and started fucking the living shit out of her. She fingered her muff while I banged her, moaning and grunting softly so her boyfriend wouldn’t realize what was going on just a few feet away from him. I lied flat on the kitchen counter as she stood over me, taking off her cotton panties and squatting over my hard cock, pushing it inside her and riding me in reverse cowgirl while I grabbed that chunky ass with both hands. She flipped over so she could ride me in classical cowgirl while I played with her tits and that when we heard her boyfriend on his way out! Now we could fuck at our leisure, sinking he wouldn’t come back, but he did, right I was blowing my creamy load in his girlfriend’s mouth!



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