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I got a call from my mom telling me to go pick up my stepsister at her school. I picked her up and I was ready to drive her back home, when she asked me if I could take her to her boyfriend’s home. Just to mess with her, and because I don’t want her to sink him her fucking chauffer, I told her I would do it only if she would give me a handjob. Honestly I didn’t think she was going to go through with it, but she did! She reached over, unzipped me as I drove, grab my cock in her hands and started stroking it! I was enjoying the feeling of her soft palm enclosed around my hard member. She jerked my cock hard and slowly with this dirty smile on her face, she was really enjoying it, especially my reactions. I wanted to see how far she was willing to take this, so I asked her to include a blowjob. Sure enough, she leaned over and I felt her wet lips and warm tongue wrapping around my throbbing erection! Her fine straight hair was caressing my belly, balls and groin as she sucked my hard cock. My stepsister was giving me head while I drove her to her boyfriend’s house! I thought about her lovely pussy and how good it felt to fuck. We both got into it so much, I was ready to cum in her mouth, that before I knew it we had reached her boyfriend’s house and he was actually watching us while his girlfriend blew her stepbrother’s dick! I just hit the accelerator and we rushed back home! A few hours later, I found my stepsister crying in her bedroom. She was so upset because her boyfriend saw us and dumped her! Damn I would love to bury my face in her beautiful ass, munch all over her asshole and pussy, and let her sit on my cock with that beautiful ass of hers! I knew what would make my little step sis happy, my dick! I close to her bedroom door so we could have some privacy, lifting her top and exposing her beautiful tits while she massaged my throbbing erection over my boxers. Yeah, she would miss her boyfriend and his dick for a bit, but mine was so much bigger and she could have as much as she wanted! He stripped naked and got down on her hands and knees, wiggling her beautiful bubble shaped butt for me while I played with her pussy and her tender little asshole. My step sister has without a doubt-the most beautiful smooth pussy and the most perfect ass I have ever seen in my life! I couldn’t take my eyes off that smooth perfect pussy! I spread my legs and let her suck my cock, straddling herself on top and pushing it into her dripping wet pussy. When my cock slid inside of her pussy, I thought I was going to pass out from pleasure. Man, she felt so fucking tight as she rode my boner in cowgirl position. If her boyfriend got upset after seeing her sucking my cock, imagine how pissed off he would get if he could see her getting fucked by her very own stepbrother! But seriously she is an absolutely flawless beauty, a girly slim figure, long silky legs, clean little slit in the pussy, perky little titties nand the sexiest ass ever! Having my sexy stepsister riding my cock was truly a dream come true.



I fondled her titties while she rode me in cowgirl and reverse, checking herself out on the huge mirror on the wall. I just wanted to pound that young pussy like never before and finish it all up with a giant load to her cute face. Those perfect ass cheeks were bouncing up and down, her ass was spread enough to expose her completely to me. I slapped her ass and spread eagled her on her back, pounding her hard in missionary position while she grabbed on tight to her bed sheets begging me to fuck her brains out. OH FUCK DO NOT STOP FUCKING ME! She cried, reaching her climax. I was ramming her deep and hard. I was looking down the view the incredible sight of my penis disappearing into my stepsister little pussy. We kept fucking vigorously, my hard, throbbing, swollen length smoothly fucking her sweet cunt. She wanted me to cum in her face, she opened her mouth and sucked me quickly, swallowing every drop of my creamy cum. I spurt my cum in her mouth, all over her, on her beautiful face and her tits then she rubbed it all over her naked body.



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