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This guy can’t believe how lucky he is. Just a few moments ago he was almost drowning in the beach and now he’s not only alive, he’s getting to have a steamy threesome fuck with the two beautiful blonde busty lifeguards that saved his life! So fucking hot, horny bigtitted, hot ass and so dirty. The girls continue having hot lesbian sex while sucking and stroking his big cock and letting him fuck them hard in many different positions until he finally blows his creamy load all over their sexy faces and her open mouths and watches his sticky spunk dripping down their chins and all over their big beautiful tits! These girls are definitely life savers! Two smoking hot fuck dolls. Nicolette is the hottest girl in porn right now BY FAR… Maybe the hottest I’ve ever seen. Fake tits + fake ass on a tall blonde = WIN. She is bimboplasticfuckintastic! This video is going to be the best porn ever. I’m just gonna go ahead and say it don’t forget to download part two when it is coming out!



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