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Sweet and innocent Lana has been left house-sitting by her parents over the weekend. It’s a big responsibility, but the trust their loving daughter. If they only knew that as soon as they left she called up her boyfriend and invited him over. While she licks her lollipop and talks with her mom on her phone, down on her hands and knees, he peels down her panties, sinking his tongue in the crack of her ass, rimming her tight little asshole and licking her wet slit. He whips out his hard cock while she gets down on her knees, handing him her lollipop so he can take care of it while she tends to his throbbing erection, sucking and stroking it hard. Somehow Lana manages to keep up a conversation with her mom while deep throating her boyfriend’s massive sausage, and when she asks about all those loud sucking noises, she tells her she’s eating pasta, LOL! Hell yeah, she’s sucking on some penne alright! She even tells her how good it tastes! Her boyfriend holds her head still and fucks her mouth, Lana finally hangs up on her mom and gets down on her hands and knees, inserting her lollipop up her tight asshole while her boyfriend drools all over it and rams his hard cock deep inside her dripping wet pussy. Double penetrated by her lollipop and her boyfriend’s dick, Lana enjoys getting fucked doggie style from behind. He pulls the lollipop from her tight asshole and licks it, tasting herself on it, so sugary and sweet her asshole is. He bangs her hard over the couch and flips her over, spreading her legs wide open, licking her muff and ass while she stimulates her clit with her lollipop. He finger fucks her and she screams at the top of her lungs, after all, her parents aren’t around to tell her to keep quiet. He shoves his fingers in her mouth and she sucks and licks them like a filthy whore, savoring her pussy on his fingertips and licking on her lollipop while he keeps plowing her muff. When she’s about to cum he jams his fingers inside her cunt, vigorously finger fucking her and making her gush, squirting all over the living room floor and the expensive couch while he slaps her ass. He makes her taste her squirt juices, rubbing them all over her big tits while pumping her pussy with cock meat, fucking her from behind and straddling her on his lap, impaling her on his dick and making her bounce up and down. While drilling her snatch she rubs it with her saliva soaked lollipop and he squeezes and gropes her big tits, pressing her long legs together while pounding her muff, making it real tight for his big, thick member to fill her up, finally releasing creamy loads of hot cum all over her face and mouth. Lana loves house-sitting for her parents!



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