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This nerdy geek is the biggest loser in college and he knows he’s well on his way to becoming a 40 year virgin in the future. However, as much as he is a geek, a square, a virgin and a loser, he’s also smart, very, very smart! He knows the hottest girl in his class, and she knows she’s about to fail every course, and he knows he can help her, if she can help him! The plan sounds foolproof, but much to the nerd’s dismay, it doesn’t work out, and she kicks him out of her home. She may be desperate, but not so desperate. After all, instead of fucking a geek to get good grades, she can just fuck her professors. She goes back to her bedroom, where she expects her boyfriend to fulfill her bondage fantasy, tying herself up to the bed and blindfolded herself in her sexiest lingerie. Her plan also sounds foolproof, but her boyfriend has another idea. She may not need to geek, but he does, and he offers him a sweet deal, to fuck his girlfriend in exchange for his knowledge. The geek sneaks into her bedroom, where she is waiting for her boyfriend, tied up, naked and blindfolded! If he’s lucky, she won’t tell the difference. He whips out his hard cock and she starts sucking on it, finally, maybe he won’t graduate college is a virgin after all! By the time he removes the blindfold, the sexy girlfriend realizes she’s been sucking geek dick instead of her boyfriend’s, but strangely discovers it’s not so bad, it’s actually good, very good! She tells him to untie her so she can keep sucking and stroking his cock and licking his balls with her head dangling from the side of the bed while he rubs her pussy. She straddles herself on top and decides to give the geek a very special gift for his persistence, pushing his hard cock deep inside her tight asshole, feeling how he stretches it out until she’s riding him anally! She’s taking his virginity and he’s getting to pop her anal cherry! He gets to fuck her delicious asshole in many different positions and to top it off, he blows his creamy load all over her sexy body!



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