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I could hear my stepsister crying her heart out from my bedroom, so I went to check out what was going on. As it turns out, she’s just a couple of days away from her prom, but she had two zits on her face. My stepsister is hot and she has a beautiful face, she takes great care of her skin, so I understood how frustrated she could be, especially with her prom so close. I really wanted to help her out and I proposed her to try male sperm, the only one sure solution I knew about that could remove zits almost immediately. My step sister was willing to try anything, of course the only problem was the fact that I was the sole source of said male sperm. Motivated to eliminate zits from her cute face before prom, my sexy stepsister got on her knees in the bathroom, taking my cock in her hands and to her mouth, ready to milk her very own stepbrother! She began sucking and stroking it, feeling how it got bigger and harder inside her wet mouth. She started out slow, but as she got into it, she picked up speed and intensity. Pretty soon, she was sucking my dick like a porn star! I was about to cum, as she wiped her drool and my precum from her lips I blasted thick ropes of hot and sticky cum all over her beautiful face, glazing her zits with my spunk and watching her smear it all over her skin! My zit cure worked like a charm, leading my stepsister to ask me for another application, just in case, when I found her scrubbing the kitchen floor in a sexy dress on her hands and knees! Since I had her already on her hands and knees, I hiked up her dress, playing with her juicy bubble butt and peeling her panties down her ass, penetrating her from behind and fucking her doggie style. Her delicious ass turned me on so much, in a matter of minutes I was blasting hot cum all over her face. Can you believe the next day she came back for another dose? She did something to cause her laptop to malfunction and asked me to fix it. I found porn, anal porn!!! I wanted to tell our parents… Unless of course, she let me fuck her in the ass to keep my mouth shut. That’s okay, I was enjoying fucking her as much as she was so I lied flat on my back and let her straddle herself on my lap, ready to impale her wet pussy on my cock. Much to my surprise, she had a different idea, pushing my throbbing erection into her tight asshole! I felt her anal sphincter stretching out as my dick made its way in, stuffing her ass as my stepsister rode me anally! She moaned and clamped her fists tightly on the sheets as I held her ass cheeks tight and power fucked her young pussy and her tight asshole making sure she got every inch on every stroke. After fucking her doggy style up the ass, I came inside her asshole!



I had never came like that. I blasted my huge load into her, making my hard cock push out of the tight little ass, and I was still cumming. She pushed her big juicy ass back down onto my cock, obviously wanting me to cum all the way in her. I was cumming in her and she was moaning and sighing, as my hard cock finally became limp after blowing thread after thread of warm cum into her body. She pulled my cock out of her ass and started sucking it. She was so turned on, she could hardly control herself. I felt it harden up again as my slutty step sister’s smooth wet lips sliding up and down my cockshaft and licking my balls. Within minutes, my second load blasted her face. Her zits were no longer a problem! Then she said me that my cum was leaking out of her panties during the whole prom!



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