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This sexy blonde girl is tired of always fighting with her boyfriend over other girls. She wishes he only had eyes for her. That’s when she comes up with a magical solution, looking up a love spell online, placing a magic spell on her boyfriend that will work as soon as she gets kissed! She just has to make sure nobody kisses her before her boyfriend! On her way out, she narrowly avoids her stepmom, a hot blonde cougar, but before she can react, she kisses her goodbye on the cheek, activating the spell! The blonde teen finds herself running from her stepmom, looks like that magic spell was far more powerful than she anticipated! When her stepmom finally catches her, she pulled her tank top over her tits, fondling and massaging them, sucking and licking on her nipples. It’s a pretty awkward situation, but her stepdaughter finds herself getting very aroused by this! Much more than she should! Feeling her stepmom rubbing her hot body all over her is making her pussy wet and she doesn’t want her to stop! Her stepmom takes off her shorts and panties, spreading her legs wide open, burying her face between her legs. She can feel her slick tongue wriggling in her cunt, spreading her pussy lips and lapping her slit! She kisses her all over her body, her face and lips and the blonde teen finds herself giving into it all. In a momentary lapse of reason, she tries to get away from her stepmom, but ends up in her bed with her! I like how the young girl continues to resist! The more she eats her out, the less she is able to resist. Her stepmom strips naked, she has a beautiful body, with big tits and ass. He strips naked too and they start tribbing, rubbing their dripping wet pussies one against the other. Unexpectedly, the blonde teen finds herself overcome by a powerful orgasm, she can’t believe her stepmom has just made her cum! She thinks that’s the end of it, but she is in for a big surprise! Her stepmom puts her on her back, straddling herself on top and sitting on her face, making her lick and suck her dripping with pussy! She’s enjoying this so much, she plans on using her next love spell once again with her sexy lesbian stepmom! GIRLSWAY is definitely one of the best lesbian porn sites ever. The stunning girls and quality of filming are easily the best. Great storyline and great play by Kenna. Very good sexual chemistry! Seductive dominant & amazing naughtiness. I loved how she resisted Angela’s advances. Kenna’s resistance continues for the entire scene and it’s amazing when it transforms into desire. The part where the teen girl is desperately trying to resist, then giving in as her eyes go to the back of her head cumming…. so hot! This is something I would like to see in future, especially in girl-girl sex scenes. The BEST resistance I’ve seen by far in any of the videos. Great seduction. Great resistance. Great story. Great sex! Just amazing all around. On a scale of 0 to 10 this is easily a 15. I couldn’t be more serious – a solid 15. This is exceptional lesbian porn. If you are in to stepmother porn you don’t want to miss this one.



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  1. Anonymous | 11 October 2017, 20:27

    I wish I had one too

  2. Anonymous | 06 September 2017, 16:09

    Please come home now wnough is enough we just want you home your father and I are worried sick please we just need to know you’re safe honey we love you xx

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  6. Anonymous | 30 June 2017, 23:45

    This isn’t rape it’s a planned video dumbass

  7. Anonymous | 27 June 2017, 01:09

    She literally has the same thing on in all her pics

  8. anonoymous | 25 June 2017, 13:25

    there were a few times where you could see the camera man in the mirror

  9. Anonymous | 20 June 2017, 14:30

    Do u all have a number

  10. Analytic review | 14 June 2017, 09:15

    Aaah yes, a true pice of art! The plot may be a abit lackluster since no girl her age should belive in such tings as Spells but besides that the two actress were fucking hot and the sex looked great

    plot: 2/10
    sex: 9/10

  11. sexy bitch | 30 May 2017, 22:39

    best lesbian sex i ever seen in my life
    also i know that girl, she isnt a porn star either

  12. Anonymous | 29 May 2017, 20:13

    Did any one else see the guy in the blue shirt

  13. Sexxxxxxx | 27 May 2017, 17:27

    Lol ya what’s the teens name

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  15. Brandon Rogers Fan | 24 May 2017, 19:25

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    Anyone know the name of the teen?

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  19. Tim | 15 May 2017, 17:24

    That was amazing, extraordinaire filmography and acting.

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  36. The Viper | 12 May 2017, 12:45

    lol definitely thought the plot was stupid, but the young chick sells it pretty well…it’s a rare porn where acting isn’t completely terrible. Other than that, it’s totally hot. I could see this being a real movie, but the sex would be implied and off screen…this…you get to see it all.

  37. A | 11 May 2017, 17:04

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  38. Anonymous | 10 May 2017, 17:47

    Wow tht was great

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    “Not weird at all, completely natural. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”
    -normal mother

  42. Anonymous | 10 May 2017, 00:02

    You can really sense the tension between these two in this one!

  43. Area Man | 09 May 2017, 22:14

    Great, the last thing I need is another fetish

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    The young girl is hot as fuck though but why “a magic spell”

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    Angela Summers, she is amazing!

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