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I found my stepsister’s stripper shoes and confronted her, threatening to tell her parents all about her secret night life as a stripper. She knew I had her in the palm of my hand, if she didn’t want me to tell on her, she would have to strip naked for me, just like she does for her filthy clients at the sleazy strip joint she works at. She pulled her pink tank top over her titties, man, they were so fucking hot! I made her jiggle and squeeze them. My step sister had the nicest tits I had ever seen. Of course she had to let me play with them too! Her nipples were so hard, this shit was getting her turned on, what a slut! I made her turn around so I could also play with her juicy bubble butt, making her wiggle it. My stepsister is so hot, not just her body, she has a beautiful face and stunning eyes! I was getting a big hard on, so I started unzipping my pants. “Maybe you want to watch me jerk off,” I said. She looked grossed out and shook her head. I just smiled and kept showing my cock to my step sister. She hoped that she could get out of the situation only showing me her big tits. I sat down on the couch and made her sit on my lap, rubbing my cock up and down her tender pink slit. She was soaking wet! She closed her eyes feeling my hot dick sliding between her moist pussy lips slowly, massaging her sensitive clit. Her beautiful big tits were in front of my face. I groped her titties and I was getting so fucking turned on. “Do you like my body?” she asked. She kept moving her hips back and forth, sliding her wet pussy over the length of my cock. Suddenly my cock slid inside her!!! “We can’t do this, we’re brother and sister!” No matter how hard she tried to resist, she couldn’t help but sink that monster deeper inside her cunt with each downward thrust!!! I rammed my cock deep inside her pussy and fucked her hard. Her hot wet cunt began to quiver as she squirmed on my lap. My cock in her vagina was the best feeling I ever had. She began pushing herself down against me, forcing my shaft into her quivering snatch. The lips of her cunt were stretched to the max. My step sister fucked herself that way, moving her hips back and forth, grinding her clitoris against me, caressing her tits in front of me. She finished me off with a blowjob, telling me to warn her when I was going to cum but I surprised her by blowing my load in her mouth! She was in shock when she realized what had happened. I came in my step sister’s mouth! Watching my jizz dripping from her lips and chin was the perfect cherry on top of this sex cake! I was pretty sure that would be the first and only time we fucked until the next day, when she came home late morning in a sexy dress and drunk! She threw herself on the couch and fell asleep, spread legged and not wearing any panties, so I could see her pink snatch. Suddenly I found myself gazing at one of the most beautiful pussies I have ever seen.



I started playing with her slit, waking her up. The naughty look on her face told me she didn’t expect me to stop. She told me it was my lucky day and made me follow her to her bedroom. The sexy babe stripped naked for me and crawled on her bed, down on her hands and knees, shaking her juicy bubble butt for me, telling me she wanted me to fuck her brains out just like I did the day before! I slapped her ass while she twerked it and I flipped her over, spreading her legs and fucking her pussy in missionary position while rubbing her clit. Her cunt was even hotter and wetter than the last time we fucked. I pumped her tight pussy quite hard, yeah she enjoyed getting fucked hard like that and wanted more and more of it, in every position! “cum in my face! I want your cum all over my face!” she shouted. Her dirty words increased my arousal amd it didn’t take me long to blow my load, all over her face and her big tits. Now we have an agreement, I keep her stripper life a secret and get to fuck her daily!



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