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It’s movie night and this sexy brunette babe was supposed to be having an erotic date with her boyfriend all alone, but his mom decided to pop some popcorn in the microwave and join them at the last moment! Now she’s cuddled up against her boyfriend, with her hand on his crotch and his hand between her legs and all she really wants is his big dick inside her, but his mom just won’t leave the freaking living room! It’s kind of hot anyways, making sure his mom is not looking as they try to sneak in all the hot foreplay they can, letting all that sexual arousal build up until it needs to be released one way or another, with his mom in the living room or not! She pulls the groin of her shorts to the side so her boyfriend can rub her slit, she’s already gushing and she needs his big dick inside her so bad! Making sure his mom is not looking, she slowly unbuttons and unzips his jeans, biting her lip with a naughty smile on her sexy face, ready to get her favorite snack and sneak in behind her boyfriend’s mom. The expression on her face when she sees his erection is priceless; it’s bigger and harder than ever! The hot teen gets on all fours and slowly pops it into her wet mouth, savoring the delicious first droplets of salty precum as she blows him. His mom is so focused on the movie and her popcorn, she doesn’t even notice her son is getting head from his girlfriend, that nice, cute and innocent girl she loves so much. “I want to fuck now. Now. Now!” she whispers in her sexy spanish. She won’t take no for an answer and he takes her to the dining room, where the young slut bends over the dining table, pushing her sexy Latina bubble butt against his crotch as he pulls down her skirt and panties, exposing her sexy butt. She talks dirty, bites her lip and wiggles her butt as he gets ready to penetrate and fuck her from behind. If his mom looks over her shoulder, they are so busted, which makes the encounter even more erotic and charged! He fucks her hard from behind while standing, covering her mouth with his hands so her screams don’t alert his mom. MAN, that gal is sexy, and nothing looks better then a big dick filling that little pussy. This is an outstanding scene. Her young body is a delight, she is so slender and beautiful with perfect ass, perfect legs, perfect breasts! His mom finally gets up and leaves, so the kids get naked and take the couch, fucking her sideways from behind. He sits and the naked girl straddles herself on top, her tight pussy impaled on his delicious cock and taking it all in. After all, movie nights are all about them making their very own live action porn movie! Apolonia is one of the HOTTEST girls in the game…So Fucking Sexy!!! I would have busted like a firehose all over that HOT face of hers!



You’ll love watching this petite girl ride this fat dick. His dick is so fat that it stretches her young little pussy hole until her inflamed clitoris is pressing against the shaft, amazing! You can even feel this friction! He spreads her legs on the couch and fucks her snatch in missionary while rubbing her wet slit, grabbing her hands to push his cock even deeper inside her. Her body is pulsing, grunting, moaning, as he is slamming his huge cock into her hard and fast. It feels like heaven. She loves having her pussy used. She begins groaning and a thunderous orgasm showers down upon her face. With that, the young girl begins to cum, digging her nails into his chest. “I want you to cum in me!!!” This tiny pussy streached out of limit by this huge cock! He blasts huge load into her, pushing his hard cock out of the pussy and rams it back deep into her cunt, cumming continuously. She grabs him and forces him to stay deep inside of her. “Don’t stop cumming in me!!!”



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