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I remember what I just met my girlfriend, she hated video games! Now she loves them, and I love coming back home and watching her throne in bed while playing, there’s just something about her when she grabs that controller and gets into the game that makes her look really hot! Well, her smoking hot body, tight tank top and hot pants and sexy socks also help, LOL! Fortunately, as much as my girlfriend loves playing video games, she loves playing with me even more! She loves teasing me, exposing her beautiful tits, pinching and twisting her nipples. She stripped down to her hot pants and socks, got down on her hands and knees and began twerking her delicious bubble shaped ass as I tugged the fabric of her hot pants into the crack of her ass and her wet slit, what a view! I pulled them aside so I could rub and finger that delicious tender snatch and she took my hard cock, stroking it as she popped it into her mouth, sucking my dick and licking my balls. Her mouth felt so good. My cock was about to explode! After that, I lied on the bed, letting her get on top of me, pushing my cock deep inside her dripping wet cunt and riding me in cowgirl position. I love the way she moves her hips and pelvis while she’s straddled on top of me, arching her body back, supporting herself on her arms, pushing her body up and down my shaft. Feeling her juices over my stomach felt amazing. Her cunt was like a fist as she clenched her vaginal muscles. It was amazing, she squeezed me as I moved within her. My sexy girlfriend arched her back pushing her luscious ebony tits together with her arms and rode me slowly moving her hips in wide circles and front to back grinding my cock deeper and deeper into her oozing pussy. I love her chocolate brown skin, love even more the sight of my dick between her completely shaven pussy lips. “It’s your pussssssy, .. Ooohhhhh.. All yours.. Aaaahhhh.. This is your black pussy, baby” my girlfriend moaned while rocking on my white cock as she swayed her head in opposition to her hips. I pushed her towards the edge of the bed, so the upper part of her body is dangling in the air, her hands on the floor, and the lower part of her body is still on the bed. I fuck her hard in this naughty position and she gropes and fondles her tits. Pretty soon I have her shoulders pinned to the floor, her legs spread wide open, power pumping her dripping wet cunt with my hard dick.



“Just like that, baby, so deep!” she tells me, with this dirty look on her face. I could see how her breathing intensified, the way her naked skin glistened with her sweat. I love watching my girlfriend so fucking turned on by my cock! She touched herself, rubbing her slit and her clit while I was fucking her, telling me how close she was to getting an orgasm, how bad she wanted me to cum inside her or all over her body, it didn’t matter as long as she got to feel my hot cum on her. She smiled and then pushed me on my back, then pushed her ass on my cock hard and kept riding me and bouncing on my dick with her gorgeous ass in my face. She is so fucking sexy and loves riding cock while twerking her booty! I kept him banging her in several different positions, letting her suck and stroke my cock to keep it lubed up, licking and fingering her dripping wet snatch as we continued playing our favorite game, the one where we both win at the end! I pulled out of her tight clam, blasting lots of hot and sticky cum that landed all over her beautiful face and open mouth, her big breasts, fully erect nipples and sweat drenched belly! Yeah, video games definitely turn my girlfriend on!



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