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Squirting orgasm fans make sure you don’t miss this amazing video! This naughty brunette doll is practicing yoga at her friend’s place but she’s far too horny fantasizing about her to concentrate on her postures so she decides to take a break. She pulls down her pink yoga pants, showing her friend her bare dripping wet snatch, pushing her face between her legs and feeling her smooth tongue working her tender pink snatch. Her friend is a little embarrassed, she has never tasted pussy before! Her friend spreads her legs and lowers her drenched cunt to her face, offering her wet slit to her as she spreads her lips wider. She is very close to her, her pussy is dripping wet. An almost irresistible desire to eat her out comes over. Slowly she sticks her tongue out and licks the wet slit. She really loves the taste and smell of her cunt. She loves that she’s drenched in sweat, softly kissing and licking her cunt. It doesn’t take long for her friend’s oral stimulation to make her start gushing from her pussy, squirting all over her friend’s open mouth! She’s amazed with the amount squirt juice being sprayed all over her, she loves it and takes her tongue even deeper into her friend’s mouth so she can get some more from where that came from. She kisses her lips so she can taste her own squirt juice on them, and helps her friend get naked, spreading her legs, spitting on her pussy and rubbing it with her hands. She’s pretty sure her friend can squirt too, and after licking and fingering her in the right places, her friend starts gushing too, sprinkling delicious squirt juices into her open mouth! This is so much better than drinking Gatorade after their yoga practice, LOL! The naked girls kiss, swapping their squirt juice from mouth to mouth and she gets down on her hands and knees so her friend can take her from behind, rubbing her muff while she shakes her juicy bubble butt for her. She wants to give her more squirt juice, so much more, she wants to give her all she has and be left dried. Her friend’s fingers work on her cunt and trigger her squirt reflexes once again, blasting more squirt that drips all over the floor and soaks her lover. She kisses her lips, drenching their naked skin with saliva and squirt juices, sucking on their tits and nipples and she opens her mouth wide as her friend places herself on top, rubbing her muff and ready to give her a squirt cocktail, gushing into her mouth while she masturbates herself and squirts simultaneously with her! She places her in an inverted bridge position, her body arched as she continues feeling the onslaught of that delicious tongue that brings her to yet another explosive orgasm, squirting pussy juices all over the place.



The girls now display their substantial and impressive squirting orgasm talents. Her friend passes her hands all over the squirt on the floor, then rubs it against her pussy and body, she makes her lick and suck it from her palms and fingers. The crazy lesbians keep licking their wet pussies and squirting puddles of female ejaculate, slurping it off the floor, guzzling it straight from the pussy, and spitting it back into their mouths, fingering each other’s pussy and ass, facesitting, tongue fucking, sucking labia and peeing into each other’s mouth together. The naked girls trib, rubbing their pussies together in explosive squirting orgasms, they are not letting any of that precious squirt juice go to waste and they are not stopping until they are dry and full at the same time, till they collapse in a slippery heap, spent from cumming so much pussy juice! Squirting yoga is the best!



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