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My stepsister and I are both very open-minded so it’s not unusual for us to talk about sex in a very explicit and open fashion. I was talking about big cocks and she decided to boast about the biggest cock she’s ever sucked, confessing how much she loved big dicks. I was intrigued, since she’s pretty petite and I just couldn’t imagine her handling a big sausage so I handed her a plastic container to see if she could deepthroat it. It was pretty thick, yet she managed to wrap her lips around, I was impressed. I was also getting pretty turned on and I could see the way she was looking at the big bulge throbbing between my legs. She was curious about how big my cock was, and I had no problems with her taking a look for herself. My step sister got down on her knees, looking me in the eye as she licked my package over my cotton briefs while pulling them down, releasing my throbbing erection with a delighted and amazed expression on her face. She took it with both hands, admiring its size and measuring it against her arm. She rubbed her nose and cheek up against my very large cock, showing off her tongue and rubbing my cock over her face. My huge sausage was much bigger than that cock she was boasting about just a few minutes ago! She grabbed my long cock with both hands and forced it deep into her throat, and then began firmly fucking her mouth. After sucking and stroking it like a dirty slut she stripped naked and lied on her back, spreading her legs wide open and pushing my thick cock deep inside her tight young pussy, which was already wet from thinking about my huge dick. I could feel her stomach muscles convulse as the head of my cock hit rock bottom on her cervix. She gasped for breath as I banged her, rubbing her slit with her fingers, her hot naked body squirming with every thrust of my gargantuan meat sword impaling her twat. “I love the way your cock fills my pussy up!” She confessed. “I love it so much!” I fingered her pussy while fucking her and by the flushed expression on her face and the way her body convulse uncontrollably I knew she was having an orgasm. Her legs were shaking so much. “Yesssssss!!!” she screamed. “Cum once more!” She was so close to cumming again. Her fingers were moving over her clit, between the long labia of her pussy. She moaned loudly, her juice gushed over her fingers. My cock sank deeper into her trembling body. She was cumming. She was cumming hard and intense. She masturbated herself like a dirty little slut as I fucked her hard, begging me not to stop. After making her cum several times I lied flat on my back and let my slutty step sister straddle herself on top. She pushed my fat cock deep inside her gushing cunt and began riding me in cowgirl position, still playing with her young pussy. She grinded her hips and touched herself as I filled her up, pulling my cock out of her snatch and stroking it hard as she experienced yet another orgasm. She rode me faster and harder, taking my huge cock in as deep as she could, rubbing up against me, grinding. She was enjoying this.. She was cumming and cumming.. After the orgasm her entire body was trembling involuntarily. An intense orgasm took total control of her body. She couldn’t stop her legs from shaking. She continued to cum.. her knees unwilling to hold her up any longer, and she laid down, legs spread before me. Her pussy was spread wide. I put her on her back, pinning her shoulders to the sofa and lifting her body, power fucking her. She squeezed her titties and vigorously fingered herself, overtaken by yet another orgasm! My dick pushed deep into her cunt.. sliding in and out.. Her fingers moving quickly over her swollen clit.



When the next orgasm hit my step sister was unbelievable. She was in ecstasy, the only way to describe it is orgasmic ecstasy. She had one orgasm after another as I plowed my giant prick up her well used pussy. So much pleasure, so many orgasms, so close together. Her orgasms were all massive, without much time in-between. Her whole body was quivering, her pussy juice still seeped down her body, as I still slammed my hard cock inside her. She was cumming.. a long continuous string of orgasms over and over and over again. I hit on her true erogenous zone. “That ain’t the end of it, little slut” I pulled out and entered her shattered pussy again and resumed fucking her, thrusting in and out fast. I kept fucking her hard in many different positions, delighted to discover that apart from being a filthy slut, my stepsister was also multi orgasmic. After blowing my cum all over her face and body my cock became the biggest one she could now brag about!



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