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I was hanging out at the park when I noticed this blond cutie swinging on the swings. She looked so hot and sexy, I had to approach her. She was wearing a sexy tank top and skimpy denim shorts. She had a gorgeous body, and she seemed pretty open as I began offering her some easy cash in exchange for her sexual favors. When we reached an agreement we looked for a quiet place at the park. She got on her knees and I dropped my pants, she couldn’t believe how big my cock was as she took it to her mouth and began sucking and stroking it with her soft hands. “I don’t know with my little pussy can take it…” she wondered. I wanted to see if she had any tricks and she flipped over backwards to suck my cock, now that was hot! I took her shorts and panties off and spread her legs, inserting my thick cock into her pussy, she was so fucking tight! It took some time to actually get it all in, but once she was stuffed on my dick, she moaned and grunted with mad pleasure as I banged her right there in the middle of the park! She had her top pulled over her delicious titties as she begged me to fuck her harder and when I pulled out of her cunt, she squirted some pussy juice all over! I made her bend over so I could fuck her from behind, checking out that hot bubble ass while playing on top of one of them park games, a plastic tunnel. She crawled inside it and gave me some more head, looking into my eyes as she slurped my throbbing erection. I told her to get on her hands and knees, I wanted to fuck this bitch’s cunt doggy style from behind. She was still so fucking tight, her pussy muscles wrapping tight around my shaft as I plowed her. That sexy ass looked so damn fine in that position, and when I stopped fucking her, the naughty little bitch pushed it back against my dick, letting me know she still needed more dick inside her, until I finally was ready to blow my load, splattering those big tits and sexy slut face with lots of hot and sticky cum!



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