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When this elegant blonde slut opens up her door, she finds her next-door neighbor, a tall brunette, flinching garbage at her face and barging into her house. She’s complaining about the trash she leaves outside, claiming it’s unsanitary and pretty soon the girls start slapping at each other like crazy bitches. Good thing the blond’s husband has heard their screaming and separates them. It looks like these girls like to argue about every little thing that happens in the neighborhood, and he’s starting to get sick and tired of it. After calming his wife down, he goes outside and invites the next-door neighbor in for some coffee. He wants to clear the air, so they can all get together. The hot brunette, seems to have some ideas of her own. She straddles herself on his lap and starts dry humping him! What a nice fucking body! The horny babe takes his hand and thrusts it down, between her legs, inside her panties to her wet pussy lips. His wife is coming down the stairs, so they stop. She’s upset to see the brunette, but understands her husband’s attempts to make them get along. He’s always so thoughtful and considerate! She’s willing to try, if she’s willing to and they hug it out. The husband finds himself sandwiched between his beautiful wife and his hot neighbor while they embrace and he can’t believe when the girls start kissing and his wife starts groping the neighbor’s big tits over her dress! Not that was unexpected! The brunette puts his wife over the dinner table, lifting her clothes over her tits, pressing them together, licking them and sucking on her nipples while rubbing her body against his wife’s! As the girls strip naked, kissing passionately, undressing each other at the same time, he buries his face between the neighbor’s butt cheeks, licking the crack of her ass, her tender asshole and her delicious cunt. As she makes out with his wife, he spreads her ass cheeks and rams his throbbing cock deep inside her tight pussy, fucking her from behind. His wife sucks on his fingers while watching him fucking the next-door neighbor, they had talked about maybe having a threesome someday, it’s so nice when this kind of shit happens spontaneously! The brunette drools all over his wife’s pussy and his hard cock as he bangs her, making out with the brunette. The naked girls make him lie flat on his back over the kitchen counter, crawl on top and give him a shared blowjob and handjob combo. It’s so nice seeing them get along now! His hot naked wife straddles herself on top, riding his cock in reverse cowgirl, with the next-door neighbor masturbating her. She rubs her clit and his balls, moving slowly up and down the length of his throbbing hard on, so hot! This blonde babe is without question, one of the most perfect girls, such pretty tits, such pretty ass, such pretty legs, such pretty face… She begins to move faster, his cock is so hard and big. She starts to moan and breath faster, pushing herself down onto him, cumming so hard. She is cumming uncontrollably screaming and groaning and writhing beneath him in one continuous orgasmic blackout.



Wow, always good to see a scene where the girl is genuinely enjoying the sex and not making fake moans, this woman is amazing. She sucks his cock and licks his balls as they switch places and the brunette impales herself on his cock for some cowgirl style loving. “I want you fuck me just like you fucked yoyr wife! Yes, fuck me hard.” He doesn’t hesitate and fucks her cunt hard and fast, making her scream from pleasure. The girls suck his cock and balls while he takes turns fucking them and he watches the naughty girls having hot lesbian sex until he’s ready to blow his load, shooting hot cum all over their big tits, their slutty faces and open mouths, watching them swap and share his cum, it’s like they are best friends now! The naked girls just stand here with cum dripping from their tits, awesome!



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