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I just love to torment my stepsis, especially when she’s taking too much time in the bathroom and I really need to go. I’m standing there in the bathroom door with my friend I we need to go and she just refuses to leave, she always takes forever! She locks the door, but I managed to get it open, and to teach her a lesson, I pulled the towel from her body and gravel her clothes, exposing her hot naked body to my friend. We make her run naked all over the apartment trying to get her clothes back, she looked so fucking sexy, all flustered, trying to cover her naked tits, ass and snatch while big enough to give her clothes back. We finally decided to give her clothes back if she lets us feel her up. My friend and I fondle and grope her titties, pinching and squeezing her nipples. My step sister may act disgusted, but her nipples are so fucking hard, she’s definitely aroused. My friend starts rubbing her slit, and we give her clothes back. We sneak into her bedroom, and sure enough, this groping and fondling experience has left her so turned on, she’s masturbating herself. I take my phone and start filming her, spread legged and rubbing her wet cunt, what a slut, turned on by two guys touching her and seeing her naked! When she realizes she’s being caught and filmed she’s so embarrassed! She wants me to delete the video, and I tell her all do it if she gives us a blowjob! The teen slut gets on her knees, pulls my pants down, takes my big throbbing cock in her hands and starts sucking and stroking me and my friend! She sticks out her tongue and we slap it with our cocks, she likes it, what a whore! She really knows how to suck cock and in a matter of minutes my friend is cumming in her mouth. Watching my step sister swallow my friend’s cum and play with her pussy was too much; I feel the cum rising to my cock. I begin to cum in her mouth too, spurting load after load of hot sperm into her mouth! She rushes to the bathroom to wash her mouth and I take that opportunity to change her boyfriend’s number in her phone to mine. I set up a sexy date, telling her to wear a blindfold, and she sinking it’s her boyfriend instead of me. Boy, is she in for a surprise! We strip her naked, spread her legs and start touching her shaved pussy. My step sister is a young, slender beauty, and she has one of the most beautiful pussies I have ever seen. I slap her pussy, rub her slit and caress her clit! I can’t believe what I am doing, but there is something truly erotic in it. With my finger in her cunt she begs me to put my hot cock in her and fuck her dripping wet cunt. I take my cock and guide the cockhead between her pussy lips and into her vagina. She raises her pelvis a little for me to get my dick deeper in her pussy. She’s totally enjoying it, because she swears it’s her boyfriend’s hard cock pounding her. Her tits are pushed over her tank top, her nipples puffy and erect, rubbing her slit while I fuck her and my friend films us. When we switch and my friend starts banging her, she notices something is off, removing her blindfolds and realizing she’s getting fucked by her stepbrother and his friend instead of her boyfriend! She’s a bit upset at first, but since we already got this party started, why not finish?



She confesses she really loved feeling our cock inside her and wants us to keep fucking her very hard, making her a dirty slut, and blasting hot cum all over her face and tits! We begin to fuck her together, her mouth and cunt. I have never done this before, fucked a girl with another dude at the same time. We fuck for a few minutes, missionary, doggy style, she take turns riding two cocks. My friend can’t take any longer and begins to cum all over her face. ‘I’m gonna cum! Ooooh I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna fucking cum!’ She begins to cum too, her vaginal muscles are pulsing around my cock. I feel her cumming and her muscles closing in over my cock makes me shoot my load into her!



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    I wish my step bro did this to me

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    this low-key makes me wish I had an older step brother

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    Obviously it’s fake but in real life would forcing someone to fuck you or else your publically embarrass her would it count as rape?

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    Is it bad that I want to stab the guys in the eyes cause they are being assholes I know it’s fake but still!

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