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Sarah is a beautiful blond babe and she just got her real estate license. She’s ready to make her first big sale! She puts on a sexy, elegant outfit and gets ready to greet her potential buyers at this open house. The first buyer is a handsome guy and he seems to like the house, but he’s just not sure about the shower. She’s eager to make her first big sale, and to cause a lasting impression on her buyer, so she decides to put her assets to work for her, stripping down to her sexy lace lingerie and then naked and jumping into the shower. If this doesn’t convince her buyer, nothing will! While she’s naked under the hot shower and soaping off her delicious big tits and juicy ass, the buyer whips out his huge throbbing member and begins stroking it for her. She invites him to get naked and join her in the shower. She definitely likes to form close bonds with her clients and make them feel at home! She gets on her knees, sucking and stroking that huge virile member. She avidly deep throats it all the way down to the base, choking and gagging on it, massaging his balls, eager to pop them into her mouth too. She spit son his shaft, drenching it with her saliva. While she’s busy in the bathroom, a second client has arrived to the open house, and she can hear him knocking on the bathroom door. Sarah opens up, wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around her naked body, introduces herself and shows him around the house. When they get to the bedroom, the first buyer is waiting for her, totally naked and with his cock still as hard as a rock. She excuses herself with the new client, but she has to close the original deal, so the sexy blonde babe tosses the towel to the floor and jumps to the bed, sucking and stroking the first guy’s cock while the second guy watches, totally perplexed. The way this girl swallowes this 10″ cock with no effort to the balls is outstanding. No half the shaft cocksucking. She just won the best coksucker award. Holy shit, probly had her gag reflex removed haha. She’s an amazing cock gobbler, I wish my GF sucked cock like that! Meanwhile, the naked babe straddles herself on top of buyer number one and rides his delicious cock, and much to her surprise, buyer number two decides to join in, ramming his huge tool deep down her tight asshole! I love the way she attacks dick. I like how her asshole seals up like a hotdog machine. Don’t miss the full video with double anal and double vaginal! This girl needs a third dick, she is so hooot! Not only is she amazing at it, but you can tell she enjoys it! This babe can suck and fuck like a champ. The guys take turns pounding her dripping wet snatch and her gaping asshole. As she gets double penetrated by their big juicy cocks, and takes a creampie in her ass by one guy and one in her pussy by the other, she realizes that the real estate business is even hotter than she imagined! DP with blowjob and deepthroat machine Sarah, so fuckin thankful Brazzers. She really hopes one of these guys actually buys the house, but even if it doesn’t happen, he still more than happy with getting her pussy and ass double penetrated and hopes the other potential buyers are as hot and well endowed these guys!



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